The Avengers

There’s not much I can say for The Avengers that hasn’t already been said over the weekend.

For me it has already entered the pantheon of greatest comic book movies of all time. It’s fun, loud, funny, exciting, and for me, it actively conveyed everything that not only a comic book movie, but a comic book should be.

It played to the small moments, but didn’t let you down on the big ones.

Under the hand of writer-director Joss Whedon, the story tells of the first gathering of earth’s mightiest superheros, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

Joss, who will not only bring his legions of fans to this movie simply because his name is on it, also brings a fantastic cast with it, and a story filled with fanboy moments and big sweeping action scenes.

In fact, the final action sequence which sees our heroes facing off against an alien invasion, assisted by Loki, first introduced in Thor’s film, made me think of nothing but big splash pages in comic books. The action would sweep and follow one character then once another passes through the frame our attention would sweep to them, and follow them as well.

I was worried that Mark Ruffalo would be lost when he becomes the Hulk, but once the transformation is done into a CG character, you can still see him in there. Hulk also has some of the best moments of the film, and got applause, cheers and laughter from our audience.

Each character has their moment, in fact more often than not they have a number of them, not one actor, or character is treated better, or given more screen time than any other, which leads to the feeling of a true collaboration. Which is something I think all the actors got.

Watching them bicker, take shots at one another, and push one another’s buttons and then transition into colleagues when an attack begins verges on the awesome!

That is the beauty of Whedon’s writing, he services the characters with bright and sharp dialogue and then gives us huge action sequences, which now that he has a company behind him that believes in him and a budget as well, totally pays off!!

We know that Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are already in pre and I’m delighted that Shane Black who worked so well with Robert Downey Jr in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  is in the writer-director’s chair.

But that also means that the next Avengers outing is at least 2 years away if not more. If Paramount knows what they are doing though, they’ll sign Joss now, and won’t pressure him to work quickly to meet a release date sent by a company.

They need to take their time, and craft a strong story, don’t blow it Paramount, Marvel and Disney… you guys have a tent-pole series that has a depth of history and great stories, as well as characters. Do it right folks.

And for those of you who know nothing about going to a Marvel movie… make sure you stay for both of the tags during and after the credits… that last sting is brilliant!

A lot of summer blockbusters can be forgotten moments after you see them, which also encourages a lot of people to just wait for a home video release, this one, you should see this on the big screen!

It’s worth it and so much fun!

Ad let’s be honest, I’ll be seeing this one a couple more times before Prometheus keeps along…

Avengers…. ASSEMBLE!!!

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