Star Trek: Phase II – A Few Revisions


Alright, so now I’m a little further into this well-put together fan series, and wanted to update my previous statements.

Cawley and co. obviously felt that the first Scotty didn’t work out, and have since recast him with a moustached gentleman who has our favorite engineer’s burr down pat.

The stories have improved from episode to episode, the most recent one (to me), To Serve All My Days, was actually penned by an original Trek writer D.C. Fontana (Journey to Babel) and co-starred original series cast member Walter Koenig, as a suddenly and seemingly irreversibly aged Chekov in a call-back to the episode The Deadly Years.

Apparently, the ending upset a lot of people, but I look on it as simply as a version of the truth, it is an inherently Russian story after all, it has to end tragically, I have my own theory, but I won’t go into it, as I don’t want to ruin the story for those who may yet watch it.

I’m going to keep coming back for the evolving production values as well as the increasingly strong writing, so nice work, you’ve got me hooked on that count.

The effects continue to improve episode to episode, this is also the first episode to feature an original score, previously music cues were lifted from the various soundtracks that exist, and while I think the lifts served well, the addition of new music makes the series its own thing. Nice job.

My only stickler still lays with Cawley’s performance as Kirk. I want to like him, I mean I idolized Kirk when I was younger, but still, he comes across as trying to hard or just angry with all of his line delivery (maybe he’s trying too hard, I get that impression sometimes too). Right now, this is not a captain I would follow, not yet. I’m sure he can play Kirk, I’m sticking it out, because I like what he and his bunch have done with this amazing fan series. I certainly hope that like those around him, he continues to improve, and hopefully at some point I will be able to say, yes, he really is Kirk. I really want to enjoy his interpretation of James T. but I’m not there yet.

Like I said last time around though Mr. Cawley… Enjoy it, have a twinkle in your eye, a real smile, Kirk is The Man! You can be too!

I hope the series continues to be top-notch, and hope to see continued fan and artist support of the series.

Because, like all Trek fans, I do enjoy boldly going…


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