Fan Expo Comic Con


So Sue and I had a great old time at the Comic Con put on by Fan Expo. It’s a smaller scale event than their con in August, and honestly is a great way to start the convention season.

Happily, there wasn’t a lot of things that Sue and I wanted to do on this convention, for us, it tends to be more about the experience. And this time was no different.

We wandered about, and got to chat briefly with the awesome Bruce Boxleitner while we bought our photo-op tickets… see above! As well as one for the adorable Nicole DeBoer (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The Dead Zone tv series).

Then we had a bit of a wander, and if you follow our twitter accounts, you know we bumped into Kermit, got accosted by stormtroopers, and got to see R2-D2!!!

Bruce’s Q7A was awesome, and so much fun! He has a real passion for the concept of space exploration (one I tend to agree with – we should be out there already!!), a dislike of zombie television, and an awesome sense of humor.

We also made some headway in setting up some more interviews for the future… so watch for those!

And we also discovered an awesome new web-series which I’ll be posting about shortly.

All in all… a very nice start to the convention season.

How’s your weekend?

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