One of the very cool things that Sue and I discovered yesterday is a webseries called Guidestones. We spent some time chatting with their street team at their table as well as attending their presentation.

We were very lucky to be able to find time to chat with series writer/director Jay Ferguson, and stars Supinder Wraich and Dan Fox.

And while you scratch your head, and say really, another series to watch… wait til you hear about this…

A pair of investigative reporters get swept up in a global adventure and conspiracy centering around the infamous Georgia Guidestones.

The stones themselves have been around since 1979, and have a series of commandments for the survival of the human race following some sort of apocalyptic event. The commandments are written in eight different languages, English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Along the stones’ edges are messages in cuneiform, Sanskrit, classical Greek, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The commandments run as follows –

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

If you try and trace the construction of the guidestones, you end up investigating a complete non-entity named R.C. Christian, perhaps a reference to the founder of the Rosicrucians.

That is part of the jumping off point for the series.

But that’s not the kicker…

Each episode runs about 90 seconds to 3 minutes, but you watch them as the events happen to the characters. Let me explain…

When you visit the site register and verify your email, they deliver the episodes to your inbox, 1 at a time. But, if the next episode doesn’t happen til 24 hours after the episode you just watched, that’s when you get it… 24 hours later.

Now apparently, there are sites where you can watch all the episodes back to back. Both Sue and I don’t advise doing this as we both feel it’s better to earn it.

You see, the episodes are interactive.

There is information provided in each episode, little clues to track down through Google, that you can piece together, study, and put together, possibly letting you leap ahead of the protagonists as you figure out what’s going on.

And these little clues can be anywhere – They could be names, license plates, locations, codes on posters, any, all or more.

I’m two episodes in, and the hidden info, as well as the cliffhanger info to hunt down had me grinning at the awesomeness of it all.

I’ve already started a little notebook to write down all the clues.

The hidden info certainly enhances your experience of the series, and I can’t recommend this heartily enough. Do yourself a favor, head over to their site, register, and just wait for things to show up in your inbox. They send you along the first clue from the first episode to show what you can expect, but then the hunt is all yours!

Get involved!

There are a total of 50 episodes, but Jay has already confirmed they are prepping for a second series.

Check it out!!!

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