Chatting with Ali Liebert

Tuesday evening, Sue and I got to chat with the very cool Ali Liebert!

We rang her up, and had a great talk about Bomb Girls, her role as Betty, her wardrobe, and her fantastic cast mates.

She’s a lot of fun (and just between you and me, seems incredibly cool), and we do hope that when (not if) Bomb Girls comes back for Season 2, that Sue and I will be able to stick our heads on set, and say hi to Ali, Jodi, Meg and Charlotte (again) in person.

I won’t apologize for the outro music, I will say that as soon as it was mentioned in the podcast, I had to use it 🙂

So please,join us for a phone chat with Ali, and then tune into Global Wednesday night at 8, for Episode 4!!! Remember you can catch up online at Global’s website.

And now, we are happy to present… Ali Liebert.

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