Ridley Scott’s Returns To Sci-Fi

Yes, I watched the leaked trailer for Prometheus.

It’s Ridley Scott!

It’s Alien (kind of – from what I hear, though I am trying to keep my spoiler intake on this one to a bare minimum)!

Like other sci-fi fans, I am looking forward to Ridley Scott’s return to the genre, he made two films that left their indelible mark. Yes both of them were over 30 years ago (my gods where does the time go?!), but no matter what you think of the material in some of his films (I’ll be the first to admith his Robin Hood maybe wasn’t the best film) he’s an amazing technical director, and he does like his details. His infamous “Ridley-grams” for Blade Runner are still mind-blowing in the level of detail.

He created one of the greatest re-imaginings of the haunted house scenario to come down the pipe in a long long time with the original Alien, and now, he’s returning to that same universe with Prometheus.

The trailer, and I can’t wait to see a full high definition one without watermarks, and great sound, has the feel and the look of the original Alien, and that is a great thing! You can see callbacks in set design, and hints of things we’ve seen before, but in a whole new way.

Even the trailer itself calls back to the original film with the presentation of the titles, and even the sound that can be made out.

Ridley Scott tends to get a free pass from me (as does Spielberg – though both have made some not so great films), and I will be seeing this flick in the theater on opening day!

With a script by Damon Lindeloff, and a helluva cast including Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Noomi Papace, Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, and did I mention Charlize Theron?

The awesomeness that could be this movie is getting me very excited for next summer!

Ridley returning to Sci-Fi (not to mention the rumors of his return to the Blade Runner universe after this film!), I cannot wait!!


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