Flashpoint 4×17 – with Mary Krohnert!


This week’s episode of Flashpoint S04Ep17(available for Canadian viewing at CTV.ca) entitled “Priority of Life” featured one of our fave actors (and a great interview at that!) Mary Krohnert. What did I not like about the episode… not enough Mary! What I do like about the series as a whole though is that things aren’t generally black and white. A chemical/biological facility is broken into by a previous employee who is looking for proof that an injection he received has now given him a fatal disease.

Mary is cast as his wife, and, as expected is perfect in the role (though I believe Mary could play this kind of role blindfolded and still be awesome). Sadly, she’s not given a lot to work with and her character is on ther periphery of the episode, which is too bad. While I was watching the ep I kept asking my screen “Where’s Mary?” and everytime they introduced a character I would be hoping that this would be here. When they said “We’ve got his wife.” I KNEW that would be Mary, and was of course delighted to see her on screen again!

But while I waited for her to show up, my brain started toying with the idea of “What if she was the baddie?”

I really liked that idea!

I think Mary would be a wicked villilan, because it would be a departure from what I’ve seen her do before…

And that’s how I think we should get her onto Lost Girl!!! As a recurring baddie… can you imagine the awesomeness of that? There’s this endearing woman who turns out to be just EVIL!

Mary could so pull that off!!!

Lost Girl casting are you reading this!!???!

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