Episode 6 – An evening with Rick Howland & Nadia Bassett

Episode 6.

Welcome to it folks!

This week, Sue and I got to sit down and talk with the man himself, Rick Howland. Known to genre fans as Trick from Lost Girl. We sat down with he and his wife Nadia at The Factory Girl on The Danforth for an evening of drinks and dinner.

Pull up a seat, a pint, and join us won’t you?

[EDIT] – Yup, you can now find the link below or on your youtube channel, TheMindReelsCanada!


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  1. Alyssa says:

    Lucky lucky lucky you!!!! 😀 I’d love to get the chance to meet Rick- and all the cast members! I think it would be a LOT of fun! May I ask how you know them? (I’m new to your blog!)

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Hi Alyssa!
      Well, Sue and I have been hard at work on this site for almost 2 months now, and it’s a lot of fun! But it’s also a lot of hard, almost detective work. We’ve been very fortunate in the people we’ve met who have then been willing to put us in touch with more people, and giving us leads to follow up. It’s a fine network of connections, which we are very thankful for, that put us in touch with Rick.
      Who, as you no doubt heard on the podcast, is a delight, open, honest, and funny as is his fantastic wife Nadia.
      Though I won’t lie, I was flabbergasted that he recalled me from Fan Expo!
      We do hope to have more like this in the future, but, like I said, it’s all about the delicate use of the connections we make.
      So far everyone we’ve interviewed has been very forthcoming with their time, which is a blessing for us.
      And Alyssa, I hope you’ll stick around and continue to visit our site.

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Thanks for the plug sir!

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