Marvel: Myths and Legends (2020) – James Hill

The comic book has been called the forum of the modern myth. In the shadows of our own history, there have always been stories of superheroes, whether we knew them as masked webslingers, or children of the gods of Mount Olympus, or the Vedic literature of India, the Norse gods, the heroes of Chinese folklore,…

Issues Vol. 18

It’s a quiet week for me at West End Comics, but Kirk still had a couple of interesting titles to throw my way, so without further ado let’s see what I was reading this week… Wild’s End: The Enemy Within (Boom Comics) issue 1 (of 6), written by Dan Abnett, art and letters by I.N.J….

Issues – Double Digest No.1

Kirk is back from his holidays and had tons for me to catch up on and a few new titles to explore this week at West End Comics! He also had two more Orphan Black Funko figures for me, Cosima and Sarah have joined Helena and Alison…. just waiting on the double dose of Rachel….

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01E01 – Pilot

  Joss Whedon returns to the small screen while expanding the universe he got to join and play in with The Avengers. As a pilot, the episode is well-crafted, introducing all the characters, both primary and secondary, giving us broad strokes of who they are, and the dynamic and role they’ll fill on the show….