Star Trek: Picard – Last Best Hope (2020) – Una McCormack

It has been a while since I slipped into a Star Trek novel. I’m still back on The Original Series, and the last one I read was 1995’s The Ashes of Eden, the first novel that introduced the Shatner-Verse version of Trek novels. But I was eager to see how the newer novels tied in…

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993) – Lessons, and The Chase

Captain’s log: stardate 46693.1 Jean Louise Matthias and Ronald Wilkerson penned this episode that first aired on 5 April, 1993. It is a Picard (Patrick Stewart) story that sees the captain discovering love with one of his crew members, the head of the stellar science services, Nella Daren (Wendy Hughes). As their relationship blossoms, and…

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1990) – Captain’s Holiday, and Tin Man

Captain’s log: stardate 43745.2 Captain’s Holiday is a Picard (Patrick Stewart) story, that lets our captain be a bit of a an action hero. Originally airing on 2 April, 1990, this episode, written by Ira Steven Behr finds Jean-Luc Picard taking a bit of a holiday on Risa, the pleasure planet after some tough negotiations….

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) – Encounter at Farpoint

Captain’s log: stardate 41153.7 Set decades (78 years altogether) after the events of Kirk and company, Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired on 28 September, 1987. Launching us into the 24th century, a script by series creator Gene Roddenberry and D.C. Fontana introduced us to an all new U.S.S. Enterprise, a Galaxy-class starship, and…

Star Trek: Generations (1994) – David Carson

  As the blog has no doubt demonstrated, I’m a bit of a Trek fan, and while I have loved, to varying degrees, each iteration of the format, even I can admit when one of them isn’t quite up to snuff. But that won’t stop me from watching it again for the Sci-Fi Chronicles book….