Star Trek: The Next Generation (1992) – Hero Worship, and Violations

Captain’s log: stardate 45397.3 Airing on 27 January, 1992, this Data (Brent Spiner) episode is a little dull. And once again, it feels like the series could have done something really good if they hadn’t played it safe. Written by Joe Menosky from a story by Hilary Bader, the episode sees the Enterprise responding to…

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1990) – Final Mission, and The Loss

Captain’s log: stardate 44307.3 This episode was penned by Kasey Arnold-Ince and Jeri Taylor from a story by Arnold-Ince.¬†Airing on 19 November, 1990 this Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Wesley (Wil Wheaton) story. Wesley is preparing to leave for Starfleet Academy, but before that happens, he ends up going on one last mission with his captain….