Wonderfalls (2004) – Crime Dog, and Muffin Buffalo

Aaron (Lee Pace) begins to suspect Jaye’s (Caroline Dhavernas) secret in Crime Dog. Written by Krista Vernoff this episode was advertised on Fox, but they cancelled the series before it got a chance to air, so instead fans had to wait to discover it when it dropped on DVD in the Wonderfalls Complete Viewer Collection.

Jaye is advised by a cow creamer on the family breakfast table to ‘bring her home’ moments before immigration busts in and removes the family housekeeper, Yvette (Audrey Wasilewski) for being an illegal alien from Canada.

Everyone in the family is shocked and saddened by this turn of events, but it’s the cow that pushes Jaye, with Aaron and his questions in tow, to cross the border in search of Yvette. (They find her right outside Toronto’s MTCC).

From there, revelations about Yvette come fast and furious, even as the story is told through flashback, as both Jaye and Aaron are interrogated by Officer Hale (Kimberley Scott) and we’re given a countdown to their arrest throughout the story.

It’s a cute episode and it has some great dialogue and interaction between Aaron and Jaye, but it also gives us different perspectives not only on the story but on the characters as well.

And honestly, I was just really delighted in picking out locations I recognized, and was a little stunned by how much the area around the MTCC has changed in a couple of decades!

Fox made a huge mistake (no surprise) in not continuing to air the show.

Muffin Buffalo was penned by Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts and puts the heart of the story in the High & Dry Trailer Park where Jaye resides.

While Aaron is becoming obsessed with the idea of things talking to Jaye, so much so that he seeks out Jaye’s therapist, Dr. Campbell (Scotch Ellis Loring) for help, Jaye’s trailer park obsession with a fat neighbour takes a turn when she discovers that he, Pat (Eddie Kaye Thomas) has lost a lot of weight, but still sees himself as a fat person.

She also gets a directive from a buffalo on an apron not to hand over some disability checks to Marianne (Beth Grant) when they were mistakenly delivered in Jaye’s mail. Marianne has a plan to start a muffin business but can’t get the capital together, Pat begins to think that the attention Jaye is paying him is of a different kind, and Jaye keeps doing nice things, despite her best intentions – including being named Employee of the Month when she saves a baby, unintentionally, in the store.

It all works out in the end for Pat and Marianne, Aaron is still troubled by Jaye’s problem, though he hasn’t quite figured it all out yet, and both Eric (Tyron Leitso) and Mahanda (Tracie Thoms) have some fun moments.

I adore the quirkiness and the writing in this show!


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