Hill Street Blues (1983) – Moon Over Uranus, and Moon Over Uranus: The Sequel

Dennis Franz finds his way to the Hill as Detective Benedetto and Renko (Charles Haid) don’t click with him at all. Moon Over Uranus was written by Anthony Yerkovich, Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wagner, and David Milch from a story by Lewis, Steven Bochco and Joseph Gunn. It first debuted on 27 January, 1983.

Renko is demoted to a traffic cop until Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti) sees fit following a citation for public exposure; he is the subject of the title.

Joyce (Veronica Hamel) is invited for a job interview out of town which puts Furillo on edge because Joyce is being headhunted by a former professor, with whom she may or may not have had a prior relationship.

The hunt is on for a rapist who assaulted a police lieutenant’s daughter, and though the Hill may have arrested the suspect, the father makes a terrible choice at the end of the episode that will cost him, and claim the life of a wrong man; someone arrested for his own issues.

Meanwhile, J.D. (Kiel Martin) and Washington (Taurean Blacque) try to hunt down an injured rat after it bit the commissioner on a tour of a destitute apartment building, and they want to ensure there is no threat to the public.

Renko on his traffic cop duty runs afoul of Benedetto, who is a bit of a tool and beats Renko solidly, and by fighting dirty. That relationship is gonna cause problems if the Detective hangs around.

On the flip side, the relationship between Belker (Bruce Weitz) and Tataglia (Lisa Sutton) seems to be flourishing, and Goldblume (Joe Spano) gets promoted to lieutenant!

Moon Over Uranus: The Sequel first aired on 3 February, 1983. It was written by Mark Frost from a story by Frost, Bochco, and Lewis.

While Furillo sidesteps a potential romantic entanglement which would ruin his relationship with Joyce, he discovers she never checked into the hotel she said she was staying at…

Hill (Michael Warren) goes after Benedetto, and Hunter (James Sikking) gets to lead a charge through a single block in an effort to show that they can tidy up one horrible section of the city – it’s an election year.

Furillo also has to deal with Fay (Barbara Bosson) and a bullying issue at their son’s school, Goldblume tries to help a woman, Mary (Alexandra Johnson) who is suffering domestic abuse, and continued assault after a bad breakup with Richard (William Forsythe) and despite pleas to keep him locked up, the legal system doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to.

And Renko, still on traffic patrol, storms into a burning building to save a couple, and a young boy. An act that gets home restored to his regular patrol and the accolades of the precinct.

I really enjoyed this one! Until next week let’s be careful out there.

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