Fringe (2013) – The Boy Must Live, Liberty, and An Enemy of Fate

This is it, the last trio of episodes of Fringe. How will things turn out? Will timelines be restored? Will the Observers be wiped out? Let’s find out.

The Boy Must Live was written by Graham Roland and first aired on 11 January, 2013. It puts a reveal on a line often heard from the beginning of the season when Walter (John Noble) thought the phrase referred to Peter (Joshua Jackson) but it actually refers to the young Observer, Michael (Rowan Longworth).

As they are pursued by Windmark (Michael Kopsa), the team continues its hunt for Donald, only to discover that it is September (Michael Cerveris) who is living with his Observer tech removed as punishment for his interfering in the timeline. He and Michael may be the key to stopping the Observers once and for all and may be able to reset the entire timeline.

Once they’ve gotten the tech from September, they have to escape a tightening circle of Loyalists and Observers, and while the team escapes, Michael presents himself to the Loyalists.

Does the young Observer know something the team doesn’t?

It’s an exposition-heavy episode that shows us where the Observers came from, how they developed from humanity, and what Michael could mean to and for them. But that doesn’t mean the tension doesn’t get ratcheted up exponentially.

Liberty, the penultimate episode of the series, was written by Alison Schapker and debuted on 18 January, 2013.

While September works on assembling the needed device in Walter’s lab, Olivia comes up with a bold and dangerous plan to rescue Michael, who is being tested and interrogated by Windmark on Liberty Island. Broyles (Lance Reddick) supplies this information to Olivia and the rest, something that will cost him when Windmark discovers the betrayal..

The plan involves Walter dosing her with cortexiphan to reactivate her latent abilities and allow her to slip to the other universe which is safe from the Observers, get to Liberty Island, slip back to our world rescue Michael, and bring him out through the Other Universe.

Peter is worried about losing Olivia, and the possibility that if everything works out, they could have their timeline restored and get to be with their daughter again.

We get to see how the Other side has changed over the past decades, checking in with Fauxlivia and Lincoln (Seth Gabel) and they aid Olivia in her mission.

They are able to rescue Michael, but the episode ends with a strange twist, September goes to see an aged December (Eugene Lipinski), apparently to call in a favour of sorts.

An Enemy of Fate is the series finale. It was written by J.H. Wyman and brought the show to a close on 18 January, 2013.

As the plan finally comes together, the team constantly comes into new obstacles that are going to prevent them from stopping the Observers. But if they can send Michael into the future, then his arrival and examination there should stop the creation of the Observers.

But to pull it off is going to take not only action on the part of the Fringe team (and they unleash a number of Fringe events to pull it off) but also sacrifice, as Walter gives a great gift so that Peter can step into the role of father should the timeline be restored.

There are callbacks, payoffs, nods, and goodbyes, before leaving us with a hopeful ending even if it means saying goodbye to characters we’ve come to love.

I really enjoyed diving into this series again. I’d only watched it the once, and devoured it season by season as it was released to blu-ray. I like the characters, the arcs, and the constant changes to keep it fresh, and still the same.

A solid series that totally sticks the landing!


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