Fringe (2012) – Letters of Transit, and Worlds Apart

We leap forward to 2036 after being given a rather Blade Runner-like opening crawl that tells us that in 2015 the Observers finally got tired of observing and took over the planet. Everyone else became known as Natives, those who were loyal to the Observers were called Loyalists, and of course, there was a resistance to get their world back.

Letters of Transit was written by Akiva Goldsman, J.H. Wyman, and Jeff Pinkner. It first aired on 20 April, 2012.

We join Fringe agents Henrietta Bishop (Georgina Haig) and Simon Foster (Henry Ian Cusick) and their discovery of Walter Bishop (John Noble) encased in amber. Their hopes of a plan that could oust the Observers come across a snag however when Walter may have suffered neurological damage.

Being hunted by Observers and Loyallists, Etta and Simon have to restore Walter’s brain power, and find a way to rescue the other encased members of the Fringe team in hopes of coming up with a solution to save the world.

The episode ends with Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) being freed from the amber with Simon having to take Peter’s place, and we see Peter and Etta (re)united.

It’s an interesting way to set us up for a run towards the season finale, let’s see where they take us next!

The world of 2036 is a little unnerving and more than a bit frightening, and familiar in ways that recall our own past.

Hopefully, Walter, Peter and the rest can find a way to stop it from coming about.

Worlds Apart brings us back to the present (2012) where we see David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) putting his plan into action of collapsing both universes to create one new one. He’s doing this by setting off simultaneous earthquakes the world over using the tech and elements he has previously stolen and tested.

Written by Matt Pitts and Nicole Phillips from a story by Graham Roland this episode was first broadcast on 27 April, 2012.

Our side confers with the other side, laying out the plan, and both Fringe units are going to have to come together to make things work, and not only survive but stop Jones. But we’ve already seen a glimpse of the future in the previous episode, is it going to happen?

Olivia (Anna Torv) finds a connection between the earthquakes and herself, they are all being triggered by other cortexiphan subjects working with Jones. She thinks she may be able to reconnect with one of the subjects before Jones’ next event, but if not, there is a much more drastic plan ready to go: sever the bridge between the two universes, which should cause the subjects and their doppelgangers to disconnect from one another, foiling Jones’ plan.

Nothing seems to want to go to plan, however, and the universe have to face the reality of closing the bridge, and who will decide to stay on what side?

We’re ready to plunge into the two-part season finale next time!


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