George Pal Double Feature – 4K/Blu-Ray Review

If you missed the gorgeous War of the Worlds Criterion Edition blu-ray, then Paramount Pictures has you covered with their 4K version which is upgraded from the same elements giving fans a whole new look at the classic science fiction film.

Sure that means you can see some of the wires moving the alien ships about, but that just adds to the enduring movie magic of the classic film.

Using H.G. Wells’ classic tale as the launching for its story, we see small-town America as the primary landing zone of an alien invasion from Mars, and man may be unable to stop them.

With a beautiful picture, the film boasts many of the fantastic extras created for the Criterion release including a pair of commentaries, one with stars Ann Robinson and Gene Barry, and another with iconic director Joe Dante, author Bill Warren, and historian Bob Burns.

There’s a making-of documentary, a profile on Wells, and the original Orson Welles’ radio broadcast that caused an uproar when it originally aired on 30 October, 1938.

The film remains a sci-fi classic and watching it anew with the upgraded picture it is easy to see why, and how it has endured for so long. All the special effects are practical featuring fantastic model work, sets and visuals.

And unlike the Criterion Edition, the Paramount version comes with a whole extra George Pal classic, When Worlds Collide. This film takes on the threat of the Earth’s complete destruction as a planet is going to literally collide with Earth, but another planet may be passing close enough for some lucky few to escape to.

Embracing the same level of model work, and a pretty horrible painting at the end of the film, When Worlds Collide remains another classic science fiction film of the 50s that entertained countless viewers through the decades.

Both films look gorgeous, cleaned up with the format breathing new life into both and they make must-have editions for any cinephile or science fiction fan.

The George Pal Double Feature is a beautiful pair of films that recall the heyday of the matinee screenings when kids would head to the theatre Saturday afternoon, watch classic cartoons, and sometimes, a classic film would be born.

And this collection delivers two of them, looking more beautiful than they ever have before. So pick up the George Pal Double Feature available from Paramount Canada today!


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