Fringe (2011/2012) – Wallflower, and Back to Where You’ve Never Been

Olivia (Anna Torv) is suffering from migraines. Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) intrusion into the timeline is making things difficult for everyone, and there is trouble on the horizon. Olivia doesn’t have too much time to worry about that when she and Lincoln (Seth Gabel) are thrown a case that sees an invisible man killing people to absorb their skin pigmentation in an effort to be seen.

Wallflower was written by Matt Pitts and Justin Doble and it first debuted on 18 November, 2011.

The case brings everything back to Massive Dynamic and a young baby that supposedly died four days after being born. A baby that suffered from an unusual condition that would have been of great use to the military.

While Peter works on researching the Device in hopes that it will send him back, Lincoln is starting to moon over Olivia, but he doesn’t let it get in the way of the case and gets some unexpected help from Peter.

Meanwhile, Walter (John Noble) continues to stay in the lab to avoid Peter, and we learn that Olivia’s migraines are, in fact, being caused by a drug in her system put there by Nina (Blair Brown) and Massive Dynamic!

I like how the story plays out, and everything Eugene (Tobias Segal) is doing everything, not because he wants to love, but because he simply wants to be seen…

It’s rather sad and poignant, and even as we’re recovering from the sad reveal, and its ending, we see the home invasion that has Olivia being gassed, and injected with something by Nina’s men!

Back To Where You’ve Never Been was written by David Fury and Graham Roland and first hit airwaves on 13 January, 2012.

Peter is working on a number of theories on how to get back to his own timeline, and he and Lincoln have to venture to the Other Universe to run one down. Peter wants to talk to Walter-nate because he things the Secretary of Defense can help him, and also confront him about the new shapeshifters he’s seems to be sending, something even his Fringe Division doesn’t know about.

But this will prove to be more dangerous than either Lincoln or Peter suspect, because moments after their arrival, someone is working to not just stop them, but to kill them.

The truth outs before the end of the episode, but meanwhile, Olivia is having her own problems when she has a confrontation with an Observer (Michael Cerveris) who delivers a chilling warning, she has to die.

I love how the series is quintessentialy the same since its beginning, but each season chnages things just enough to keep stories and characters fresh, not to mention all the timelines and story arcs one has to delightedly keep straight!

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