Fringe (2011) – The Last Sam Weiss, and The Day We Died

While Peter (Joshua Jackson) remains in a coma, watched over by Walter (John Noble) and Astrid (Jasika Nicole), the strange destructive events continue and Olivia (Anna Torv) teams up with Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) to find a way to outsmart the Device and allow Peter to stop it.

Written by Monica Owusu-Breen and Alison Schapker the penultimate episode of season three first aired on 29 April, 2011.

There’s a lot going on, as we race to the finale. With the increasing of events, Walter begins an investigation, which helps distract him from Peter’s trouble, and gets himself partly electrocuted. Weiss reveals he’s the latest in a long line of Sam Weiss’ and his predecessors penned the book on the First Peoples, so he may have an in on figuring out how to stop it. And the key to it is… Olivia?

If she can tap into the abilities that she has been imbued with all those years ago in Walter’s research, maybe she can turn off both machines.

And what will happen when Peter wakes up? Well, he doesn’t seem to remember much and since no one is around, walks out of the hospital before anyone can tend to him. He slips into a taxi, and heads home, confused and believing he may be on the other side. He like the rest of the team converge on Liberty Island, the home of Fringe Division on the other side.

Olivia turns off the Device, Peter enters it, slips into it, and activates it! And wakes up in a war-torn New York, and a third (?) universe!!

Nope. Not a third universe, but the future. 2026.

The Day We Died is the season three finale. Written by Jeff Pinkner, and J.H. Wyman from a story they developed with Akiva Goldsman, it was first broadcast on 6 May, 2011.

Peter awakes to find himself in a future that has countless Fringe incursions as the two universes tear themselves apart. Walter-nate escapes his universe before it’s destroyed, and is intent on wreaking vengeance on our universe with the help of Moreau (Brad Dourif) and strikes out at Peter, and the life he has made for himself.

Walter has been locked away again because the public found out about his tests, creations, and that he is partly at fault for the way the universe is crumbling. Peter and Olivia are married, but unsure of their future as the world really does seem to be approaching the endtime.

As the story unfurls, Peter gets a chance to visit with Walter and we learn what is really going on. Walter can’t change the past, but thanks to his hand in creating the Device, and the way it got sent back to be buried in the past (surprise!) he was able to pull Peter forward in time to show him what would happen if the two universes didn’t learn to coexist. Walter couldn’t change his past, but could give Peter information to change his future, a fun little paradox.

Peter wakes in the machine and combines the Liberty Island labs of both universes and as counterparts confront each other, Peter cautions them they must work together, but vanishes! Outside, the Observers (Michael Cerveris and Eugene Lipinski, among others) note that no one now remembers Peter, but he has served his purpose!

Roll credits.

What does that mean for season four? I’ll find out in a couple of days.

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