TIFF ’22: Project Wolf Hunting

Project Wolf Hunting, a South Korean entry for TIFF’s ever-popular Midnight Madness series, is sure to be a crowd pleaser for that late-night crowd.

Director Kim Hongsun delivers a silly, gory actioner that feels like the messy and violent love child of Con Air and Friday the 13th.

After a disastrous convict transport that ended in an explosion, killing police and wounding civilians, the Korean and the Filipino governments agreed to transport them to South Korea via a cargo ship.

The police bring aboard a collection of brutal criminals being extradited back to Korea. Still, things go very badly very quickly when they get free, and clash bloodily, read as incredibly gory, with their previous captors.

With nowhere to go, they are all trapped on the cargo ship, but they will soon discover they are not alone, that there are plans within plans at work and that a brutal killing machine who doesn’t differentiate between the police and criminal is now stalking the ship.

Though Kim throws in some twists, there are no surprises here, the film leans into the tropes and stereotypes one expects from both the action and horror genres, and it’s more interesting to see how insanely bloody things are going to get before the end of the film.

The film gives little background flashbacks for a few of the characters, layering out the narrative, but that’s all just trimming on the bloodbath that covers the film. It doesn’t do anything new, but it’s silly, bloody fun, with some moments of extreme violence that are so over the top that the Midnight Madniess audience is going to eat it up.

If you can’t stay up late enough for the Midnight madness screening on Friday the 16th at the Royal Alexander Theatre, you can check it out on the 17th at Scotiabank Theatre.

It’s a silly, bloody ride, and if that’s what you go in expecting you won’t be disappointed.

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