Fringe (2011) – Subject 13, and Os

Subject 13 serves as a bit of a sequel to last season’s ‘Peter’ episode. Written by Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman, and Akiva Goldsman, this story was first broadcast on 25 February, 2011.

We plunge back to 1985, with opening titles to reflect that, and we see what happened following Walter’s (John Noble) abduction of young Peter (Chandler Canterbury) from Walter-nate’s universe.

That means not only are we in the 80s but the wonderful Orla Brady returns as Walter’s wife, Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth deals with young Peter and his adamant belief that he is not from this world and that Elizabeth isn’t his real mother, Walter is working in Jacksonville, Florida, on his test subjects, including a very young Olivia (Karley Scott Collins), who thanks to the drug trials and an emotional trigger that Walter is trying to figure out, is able to cross over to the other universe, which could lead to a way to return Peter to his real life.

But not everything is going to work out, and as Walter-nate and alternate Elizabeth worry over their missing son, he is also given a clue as to where his son is. Something would drive him for decades.

We see that Olivia had an abusive father, and when she finally comes clean about it to Walter, he does the right thing, despite the fact that he knew that the abuse is the trigger that would let him cross over to the other side.

It’s a key episode, has very important character moments, and builds more support into the growing mythology.

Alan Ruck guest stars in Os. Written by Josh Singer and Graham Roland this episode debuted on 11 March, 2011.

While Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv) work on their relationship, including the reveal that Peter has been killing the shapeshifters and claiming their data so he can figure out the Device, a new case lands in their laps.

It seems there’s a floating dead body, with atrophied legs that the group is brought in to investigate, and Walter and Astrid (Jasika Nicole) are working to understand it, Walter is also toying with the concept that William Bell may have left a way to contact him after he dies.

While Alan Ruck as Dr. Krick is proving to be a villain with a motive, the story boots along at a breakneck speed with lots of reveals, and character beats.

The episode ends with Walter triggering a device in Nina’s (Blair Brown) office which he believes will summon Bell’s consciousness from wherever it is, and allow them to get the information they need about the Device, Walter-nate, and everything going on.

But Bell doesn’t inhabit Nina when he’s called, he slips into Olivia and rolls credits as we deal with that revelation.

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