Fringe (2011) – Reciprocity, and Concentrate and Ask Again

It seems Massive Dynamic has assembled the Device from the parts left behind by the First People (an ancient race who were technologically advanced) and against Walter’s (John Noble) wishes, Peter (Joshua Jackson) agrees to let the company run some tests on him, and his interaction with the machine.

Reciprocity was written by Josh Singer and first aired on 28 January, 2011.

While Peter undergoes his tests, Walter approaches Nina (Blair Brown) about accessing Bell’s research to see if he can reverse the procedure used to remove pieces of his brain. He is desperate to restore his level of intelligence to try to figure out how to help Peter.

Nina brings him a few options, but which one is the right one, and what will happen if he’s exposed to the wrong one?

Meanwhile, Broyles (Lance Reddick) has Astrid (Jasika Nicole) go through Fauxlivia’s encrypted files because he fears, after the discovery of a dead shapeshifter, that there may be another mole or moles from the other side working against them.

It also seems that someone knows Fauxlivia’s files have been decrypted and is eliminating the shapeshifting moles before the team can find them and interrogate them.

This episode is all about advancing the mythology arc and there is a lot going on, and there’s a kick-ass reveal when you see who is killing the shapeshifters. Not to mention an unexpected twist that reveals the Device has already had an effect. Peter has been weaponized – a secret he and Walter resolve to keep secret for now.

Great stuff!

Concentrate and Ask Again was written by Graham Roland and Matt Pitts. It first aired on 4 February, 2011.

Even as Olivia (Anna Torv) deals with the reveal that Fauxlivia really cared for Peter, and worries that he may have preferred her alternate self they take on a new case which if they don’t resolve could lead to a biological attack.

The evidence leads to a disillusioned marine, but when he’s struck by a car and plunged into a coma, there’s no way to learn what is really going on.

Or is there?

Walter has a plan to use one of his cortexiphan subjects, Simon (Omid Abtahi). It seems he has the ability to read minds. After Olivia convinces Simon to help, they learn where the attack is going to take place, even as smaller attacks continue to claim victims.

Once they discover where, when and who, it will end up being Olivia’s training and skills that save the day. But will Simon be ok? He can’t turn his ability on and off, it’s active all the time, and the thoughts of countless people around him leave him under constant assault.

And being so close to Walter and Peter will he hear their secrets? And will he share them? He hands Olivia some information at the close of the episode, even as Nina makes some connection with the various copies of The First People book she has and it leads her to Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan)!

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