Fringe (2010/2011) – Marionette, and The Firefly

While Olivia (Anna Torv) deals with the fallout in her life from Fauxlivia’s presence in their universe, the team gets called in on a case that sees victims with vital organs removed and a slower than average decomposition rate.

It seems someone is killing these people for a horrifying reason.

Marionette was written by Monica Owusu-Breen and Alison Schapker, and it first aired on 9 December, 2010.

While Walter (John Noble) and Astrid (Jasika Nicole) work on the bodies and figure them out, Olvia and Peter (Joshua Jackson) are thrown together for the first time. Things are complicated by Peter’s reveal that he had a relationship with Fauxlivia. That brings a number of aspects of Olivia’s life into question, as well as her feelings for Peter, which causes some static between them.

Their investigation leads them to a modern riff on the Frankenstein story, and a doctor, Roland David Barrett (Mark Ivanir) who has committed horrible crimes and may have figured out to resurrect the dead.

It’s a creepy story about love and loss, which is reflected in the things Olivia and Peter are going through as they both deal with what was, may have been, and now, what feels like it may never be. There’s a very poignant, heartfelt discussion at the end of the episode as Olivia comes clean to Peter about how violated she feels.

The final moments of the show reveal that the Observer (Michael Ceveris) is back, and is keeping an eye on Walter, commenting that he’s still alive.

The Firefly first aired on 21 January, 2011. Written by J.H, Wyman and Jeff Pinkner the episode deals with the return of the Observer, and despite the rules, is actively working to right a wrong, even if it means being in evolved with events himself.

The episode features the wonderful Christopher Lloyd. He plays Roscoe Joyce, a resident in a care facility, and former rock and roll star, who has an encounter with his dead son, precipitated by the actions of the Observer.

In fact, the Observer seems to be going around saving a number of lives, pulling a Sam Beckett and fixing things that once went wrong. Specifically, he’s fixing lives that were impacted by his saving Peter and Walter when they fell in the lake all those years ago. Little things changed because of Peter’s still being alive, and now the Observer is driven to fix all the things that did or didn’t happen because of that.

In Roscoe, Walter not only finds a chance to spend some time with a rock star idol, but relates to him on the level of a father, and a lost (and recovered in a way) son.

And of course, just as we close in on the ending, something untoward happens, but it all happens for a good reason and keeps our team together, and working towards the future, even as the Observers watch.

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