Fringe (2010) – The Bishop Revival, and Jacksonville

Glen Whitman and Robert Chiappetta penned The Bishop Revival which first aired on 28 January, 2010.

Someone is using a toxin to target specific groups of people and as Olvia (Anna Torv), Peter (Joshua Jackson), and Walter (John Noble) investigate, they realize that it is someone using an old formula. One that was created by Walter’s own father, before the discovery of DNA, and, in fact, reveals a horrifying connection between Peter’s grandfather and the Nazi party, though Walter puts those fears to rest.

As the bodies begin to pile up a confrontation with a seemingly ageless assassin (Craig Robert Young) who is at the heart of the mystery is inescapable, even as he accuses Walter of being a traitor to his cause.

There are some nice moments throughout the episode, including Walter hoping Peter and Olivia will get married (caused by the first crime scene, a wedding), and the extent to which the man will go to protect his family and those he loves.

It also shows that Peter’s relationship with his father has changed over the years since Walter’s incarceration. He also does everything he can to make things better for the two of them, as he hunts down a number of missing books that belonged to Walter that he sold for money.

This one plays more like a mystery of the week as opposed to something tying into the mythology arc, though the reveal of how far Walter will go to protect Peter may grow to be increasingly important considering the fact that we know he’s not Walter’s original son (we’ve seen Peter’s grave after all).

Jacksonville was written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. It first aired on 4 February, 2010.

An earthquake in the other reality resonates and impacts our own and leaves behind a horrifically transformed (temporary) survivor. Olivia and the rest find themselves trying to find a way to stop further incursions, and Walter thinks the best way to do it, is to stimulate Olivia’s recall of the other universe by conducting a similar experiment on her as he and Bell (Leonard Nimoy) did when she was a little girl growing up in Jacksonville.

Walter is convinced she’ll be able to perceive things from the other universe if he can only reactivate her memory.

Olivia must confront her past, while Walter realizes he’s approaching it wrong as she’s no longer a little girl.

Nina (Blair Brown) and Broyce (Lance Reddick) have to form an uneasy alliance to figure out what is going on with the increasing number of quakes and what it may mean for their universe’s continued existence.

When the reactivation finally takes hold, Olivia realizes the truth about Peter… he’s from the other universe (but he doesn’t know it). That pushes along the mythology arc nicely!

Let’s see what happens next time with more Fringe!!


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