Spiritwalker (2020) – Yoon Jae-keun

Hitting digital, DVD and Blu-Ray today from Well Go USA Entertainment is this Korean bare-knuckle action flick with some sci-fi undertones that keeps things moving right until the last frame. The film gives a new spin on familiar territory, and features solidly constructed, and executed action and fight sequences.

Ian (Yoon Kyesang) isn’t who he thinks he is or used to be. Waking up from a car crash, he quickly discovers that his reflection is not his own and that he seems to be caught up in a violent conflict that he doesn’t quite understand. With only flashes of memory to help, he struggles to figure out what is going on, but just as he starts to get a handle, he shifts again and becomes someone else.

It seems every twelve hours, his spirit, essence, or soul moves into another host body, but are they all connected? And what does Jina (Ji-Yeon Lim) have to do with it?

Even as Ian leaps from body to body, and attempts to convince a poor hobo over and over again that he’s the same person in a different body, the plot races along, asking the viewer to pay attention to everything that is going on. There isn’t a wasted piece of dialogue in the entire film, each line moves the story forward, or informs us of the character speaking about it.

The trappings, once the sci-fi elements are removed are not only familiar but generic, but Yoon makes them captivating and Yoon Kyesang’s performance is very enjoyable throughout.

I greatly enjoyed the visual effects of the film, some of them practically unnoticeable, the fact that Ian’s reflection matches the person he inhabits, no matter where it is. There would have been ways to cheat around this, but instead, because of this attention, there’s a reality to the film, which helps ground it even as we explore the strange nature of what is happening to Ian, and follow him where it leads.

With solid action sequences, an engaging narrative, and fascinating characters (not to mention actors who get to play different versions of those characters) Spiritwalker is a top-notch Korean thriller that makes for highly enjoyable entertainment.

Whether you want to pick it up on physical media or watch it on VOD, Spiritwalker is well worth the time and attention of the action junkie, as well as those who love a good mind mystery tinted with some science fiction elements.

I loved how this one played out, the action beats, the character moments, and how everything develops as the narrative twists and turns. Check out Spiritwalker today!! It’s available from Well Go USA Entertainment, or check it out on Hi-Yah! martial arts and Asian action streaming channel, find it here.

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