Mission: Impossible (1970) – The Rebel, and Squeeze Play

Mark Lenard guest stars in The Rebel, that sees the IMF team in a south of the border country, attempting to contact some rebels and recover information from them, when things go sideways, and Dana (Lesley Ann Warren) and a couple of the revels are captured (one of whom has the information they need).

The Rebel was written by Ken Pettus from a story by Norman Katkov and first debuted on 28 November, 1970.

Phelps (Peter Graves), Paris (Leonard Nimoy), Barney (Greg Morris), and Doug (Sam Elliott) have to figure out a way to rescue the prisoners before any of them break under torture, led by the nefarious Colonel Bakram (Lenard).

Unfortunately, there is a traitor amongst the rebels, can they figure out who it is, and get Dana and the rest out of Bakram’s hands before things go badly for the prisoners?

Of course, Paris will have to undercover, Barney and Doug will provide tech and muscle – they actually make a very enjoyable team, and Phelps will be running the entire game to get Dana and the rebels free. But what about the information?

There are empty statues, rebranding, tunnel, disguises, and the usual gambits, all to rescue Dana and the rebels. And of course, all of it is done on a ticking clock.

It’s a fun episode, there’s a glimpse of Vasquez Rocks, Nimoy and Lenard get to play some scenes together, which is a delight because of their history on Star Trek.

Squeeze Play was penned by David Moessinger from a story by Walter Brough, and first debuted on 12 December, 1970.

A dying drug dealer, Zembra (Albert Paulsen) has a list of suppliers, connections, and more that the IMF want their hands on to stem the flow of heroin. So the team puts their plan into action, Dana goes in, undercover, as a replacement for Zembra’s nurse, while Pairs poses as Paul, a now grown family member, who arrives at the compound and begins to stir things up with Zembra’s granddaughter, Eve (Victoria Vetri), and clashes with Vito (Nicholas Georgiade) and Eve’s potential fiancée (as chosen by Zembra), Carlos (Nico Minardos)

The plan is to establish Paris as the best choice for heir to the empire, which would then allow the team to grab the list.

Willy (Peter Lupus) is back for this episode, but Paris and Dana have the lion’s share of the work this week. Though, he, Phelps and Barney help out in supporting (but essential) positions, and while some of the plan doesn’t go exactly as the team hopes, they, as ever, pull it off easily.

This one feels familiar, just in terms of the idea of undercover agents working within the mob, but it’s still enjoyable.

There are more assignments next week as I explore more of Paramount Canada’s Mission: Impossible – The Complete Series on blu-ray!

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