Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) – Jun Fukuda

These stories just get more and more out there! Delightedly so! This Godzilla adventure brings in secret Interpol agents, invading aliens, an imposter Godzilla,a new kaiju to add to the mythos, an Okinawan prophecy and a very rare non-terrestrial element, space titanium!

There’s a lot going on in this one, and not a lot of it has to make sense, there’s even a quick time out in the rampage and destruction for a musical number!

It seems yet another race of aliens have their eyes on taking over the planet, and to do so, they are using an imposter Godzilla, which stalwart fans will recognize as not being our giant hero by the noises he makes and the way he wreaks destruction, not to mention a bloody fight he gets into with his supposed friend, Anguirus.

Summoning Godzilla, Anguirus limps off screen, and when the two Godzilla confront one another, it’s revealed that one is a cyborg creation, christened immediately as Mechagodzilla, and the fight gets underway.

Meanwhile the human characters are racing across the country with an ancient statue, pursued by Interpol agents, and aliens, in an attempt to complete the prophecy, and rouse the sleeping King Caesar kaiju that will be able to stop the threat of Mechagodzilla… eventually, with some help from Godzilla.

There’s some fun choices throughout the film, there’s a swinging score (which doesn’t always work, but is still fun), some solid special effects and model work, and our kaiju are incorporating more and more human movements, and characterizations as they rumble.

It’s an epic (if silly) adventure, with death traps, scheming villains, and clever heroes, but honestly, all the viewers want to see is the big kaiju grudge match, and it’s a hoot, and it all gets wrapped up inside of an hour and a half.

And these grudge matches are getting decidedly bloodier! Anguirus gets soundly beaten and bloodied, and then when Godzilla faces off against Mecha, he gets punctured by a number of missiles, and is drenched in blood! Sure, the bug guy shakes it off, and consequently uses his anger and powers to bring down Mecha but for a few moments, our guy looks more than a little worse for wear.

The character design for King Caesar is a little odd. He’s this weird looking reptilian furry(?), and while he definitely helps out in the fight, it’s the big guy that you want to see lay the smack down, and boy does he.

Meanwhile, of course, the human heroes are being held captive in the alien base, but they have a plan to stop the invaders!!

It’s a hoot of a film, very much a Saturday afternoon popcorn matinee, and it makes me sad that I only have one left to get through for the time being… Terror of Mechagodzilla, which will be stomping across my screen next week!

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