The X-Files (2002) – Providence, and Audrey Pauley

Series creator Chris Carter directs this episode, Providence, that he co-wrote with Frank Spotnitz, that concludes the story begun next week, while pushing the mythology arc forward with the super-soldiers, baby William and the UFO cult that wants him.

First airing on 10 March, 2002, the cult, who believes that the ship they have uncovered, which is inscribed in script that appears to contain passages from religious texts from around the world, as well as scientific theorems and the periodic table, contains the physical manifestation of god, is intent on grabbing William for their own means.

And as we saw at the end of the last episode, they now have him. But what do they really want with him and what is this prophecy they are hoping to fullfill?

Scully (Gillian Anderson) continues her search for her child without the help of the Bureau, as she doesn’t know who she can trust. Reyes (Annabeth Gish) helps her, while Doggett (Robert Patrick) slowly recovers from his assault in the climax of the previous episode.

And what do we think of Brad (Cary Elwes), he seems to be hinting that he’s working to protect Reyes, and the X-files, but can he be trusted, and is he sure of what he’s doing?

The Lone Gunmen, eager to help Scully after William was lost under their watch, help Scully and Reyes in tracking down the cult, and the ship… but will it be too late to save William from the cult’s plans?

And we learn that the character known as Toothpick Man (Alan Dale) who has some high position in the bureau/government may be more than he seems… a super-soldier.

Audrey Pauley was penned by Steven Maeda and first aired on 17 March, 2002.

Reyes and Doggett seem about to fall into that male/female partner cliche of falling in love with one another when Reyes is in a car accident that leaves her clinically dead. No brain functions at all, and the doctors, led by Dr. Preijers (Jack Blessing), are intent to put her living will into effect so that her organs can be donated and used by patients in need.

Doggett is less than sure, and is hoping she’ll wake, and while Scully realizes he needs something to believe in, isn’t sure that Reyes is every coming back.

But Reyes is there, somehow trapped between the living world and the next, in a replica of the hospital, that one of the patient aids seems to be able to reach, Audrey Pauley (Tracey Ellis in her 2nd X-files appearance).

Neither dead nor alive, she is able to pass and receive messages via Audrey and maybe, just maybe, find her way back to the world of the living to consider her work, and the possibility of something more with Doggett.

A run of the mill episode, which feels like we’ve seen it before, but still good to see Gish, Patrick, and Anderson doing their thing. It plays nicely with possibilities, features Stan Shaw as a guest star, and tells a spooky story.

Next week the season nine continues because the truth is out there…

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