Mission: Impossible (1970) – The Falcon: Part 2, and Part 3

Paul delivers the second part of his The Falcon trilogy on 11 January, 1970, and there is a lot going on as Phelps (Peter Graves) and his team work to free Nicolai (Noel Harrison) and his sister, Francesca (Diane Baker) and their imprisoned brother, from the grasp of General Sabbatini (John Vernon) and Colonel Vargas (Logan Ramsey).

Paris (Leonard Nimoy) continues to pose as a magician, working a show for Nicolai, but there are swaps and changes, as they work to help the ruler escape, and Francesca thanks to some help from Paris in the previous episode, fakes her own death before she is forced to marry Sabbatini.

But once she’s interned, she only has a limited air supply before she’ll actually die, and Barney (Greg Morris) is in charge of getting her out. Unfortunately a fall gives him temporary blindness, and he has to rely on Phelps to guide him via a map.

Everything seems to be going well as Tracey (Lee Meriwether) begins putting the final pieces on the board, including the fact that the crown jewels are fake – having been replaced in the previous episode by Barney, and the team is ready to take down Sabbatini, and keep the country safe for democracy.

I quite enjoy Nimoy and Morris in this episode, both of them get to do some fun things, and Paris has a lot going on.

I’ll be curious to see how the story plays out, but I do love the way that it is taking its time. Let’s see what happens in The Falcon: Part 3

Which was also penned by Playdon, and first aired on 18 January, 1970.

All the pieces are ready, Phelps is in the prison, working on getting Stephan (Joseph Reale) free with some tech aid from the mostly recovered Barney. Willy (Peter Lupus) is running interference on the phone lines, and keeping the prison separated from the rest of the government.

And back at the palace, Tracey is working at driving a wedge between Sabbatini and Vargas, though it may put Paris, masquerading as Nicolai in peril as well.

But wait, where’s the falcon been in all this? Don’t worry, Lucifer will make one more appearance, and help save the day, and the rest of his IMF team, as justice and democracy are restored, the baddies pay for the error of their ways, and Phelps and the rest escape easily over the border once again.

As mentioned, I love the fact that this story was able to take its time, and develop moments, character beats and more over the course of three episodes. I wouldn’t want a three parter all the time, but this one was a lot of fun!

More assignments next week as I join the IMF team for more Mission: Impossible – The Complete Series on blu-ray, available now from Paramount Canada!

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