The X-Files (2000/2001) – Via Negativa, and Surekill

Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick) takes on a killer who can seemingly murder his victims via dreams, while Scully (Gillian Anderson) undergoes some medical tests – is it her cancer? it it the pregnancy? We don’t know yet.

Via Negativa was written by Frank Spotnitz, and first debuted on 17 December, 2000. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) pairs up with Doggett on this case, as they investigate a series of twenty-two murders, including to agents, but the evidence is impossible to reconcile. It suggests the use of an axe, though it could not be used in the space where one of the bodies was discovered, but it hasn’t been moved, and none of the other victims, who all shared a room, were woken or fought back…

The victims are predominantly members of a religious cult headed by Anthony Tipet (Keith Szarabajka), who seems to have a strange ability to infiltrate a person’s dreams and kill them there, no matter what their crime against him.

No one is safe. Once Tipet knows who you are, he can reach you, and now, he knows Doggett is after him. Already haunted by the case, and its effects on him, what will happen when the agent falls asleep?

Kersh (James Pickens jr.) also shows up in this episode, and is less than impressed with the conclusions that Skinner and Doggett come to, and is more than willing to let his displeasure known.

Another episode I quite enjoy, and I like seeing Doggett and Skinner working together. The series is really striving to make Doggett a part of the team, and while he’s a different kind of investigator, he wants the truth.

Surekill was penned by Greg Walker, and was first broadcast on 7 January, 2001.

Agents Scully and Doggett, are tacking down leads in a mysterious deal of a real estate agent, who was seemingly, impossibly killed while in a holding cell in a police station. The evidence, which both agents approach with intelligence and scientific rigor (in fact there’s a great character moment when Scully offers a theory, and while Doggett recognizes it as a possibility, also is able to debunk it with facts, and there’s an ‘i’m impressed’ look on her face).

Their search leads them to a pair of fraternal twins (Doggett hates twins), Dwight (Michael Bowen) and Randall (Patrick Kilpatrick) who run a pest exterminator business with Tammi Peyton (Kellie Waymire) serving as their bookkeeper. Dwight, is practically legally blind, while perhaps Randall got more of his share of vision, something that would allow him to see using other spectrums? Like x-rays?

There is a bit of a triangle playing out at Surekill exterminators, and none of them can be trusted. Scully and Doggett are convinced the brothers are killing and ripping off drug dealers, but aren’t quite sure how Tanmi fits into things, until more evidence is unearthed, and a number of truths come out.

I quite like this one, because once again, you see Scully and Doggett dealing with something in a completely different way than Scully and Mulder would, and yet they follow the evidence, and come to a seemingly inevitable conclusion that Mulder would have jumped at from the beginning.

They’re definitely learning to work together, which is good, because the truth is out there…

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