The X-Files (2000) – En Ami, and Chimera

William B. Davis, the Cigarette Smoking Man himself, pens En Ami, which pairs CSM with Scully (Gillian Anderson) in this episode that first debuted on 19 March, 2000.

CSM approaches Scully after she and Mulder (David Duchovny) both recieve information about a supposed miraculous healing of a young boy who was suffering from cancer, but his devout Christian parents refused to have him treated.

The boy claims he was healed by angels.

Enter CSM.

He has enough evidence to support his claims that he was involved in the boy’s healing, and convinces Scully to travel with him to meet a woman, and then an informant calling himself Cobra, who has some stunning information to share.

Through the course of the episode, CSM seems to confound Scully, not quite the person she has come to expect, but he also presents a bit of a creepy side to him as he admits to having developed a bit of an affection for her. Watching this episode again, when those moments came along, I was put in mind of Lecter and Starling.

He attempts to seduce her with science and knowledge.

While Mulder tries to find her, Scully is shown enough things to make her believe watch she is seeing, and Mulder recognises that sensation, he’s conning her. And she’ll be lucky to survive, especially when someone takes some shots at her and the contact.

Is CSM sharing any shreds of truth, or is it all one long con to get Scully to help him get what he wants?

A different kind of episode, and it’s cool to see CSM centre-stage, and having more interaction with Scully.

Chimera was penned by David Amann, and was first broadcast on 2 April, 2000. While Scully is stuck on a stakeout (Anderson’s involvment with this episode was minimal because she was prepping for the next one), Mulder gets an assignment that takes him to Vermont to investigate what starts out as a missing persons case, somehow tied to the presence of ravens.

Mulder is quick out to point the mythological and religious associations made with ravens, as possible harbingers of evil, but when bodies begin to appear, and it changes from missing to murder, Mulder has to work with the local sheriff (John Messe) to try to figure out what is really going on.

Taken into the sheriff’s near perfect home, Mulder gets room and board, and meets Ellen (Michelle Joyner), who works to make everything just right, all while the agent begins to suspect that there is something more going on in this small town.

It seems everyone has secrets, and the sheriff may have the most, but Ellen has a doozy!

It’s a fairly solid episode, and Scully’s occasional appearance provides some nice comic relief, as well as setting up Mulder’s thought process leading into the episode’s climax and reveal.

There’s more next time, because surprise, surprise, the truth is out there…

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