Magnum P.I.: Season Three – DVD Review

Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks return for another season of tropical mystery as they continue their roles of Magnum and Higgins, respectively, as the series continues its 21st century take on the iconic 80s television show.

Over the course of sixteen episodes the series, which has definitely carved out a spot for itself, allows the characters to continue to grow with ongoing story threads and mysteries that span multiple episodes. As much as I love the Tom Selleck series that is one thing I truly love about the new show; while still episodic in nature, it can build in character histories and stories that makes and forces the show to constantly evolve.

The original, because of the nature of broadcasting back in the day, usually had to have everything tied up by episode’s end with everything returning to the status quo in preparation for next week.

This version of Magnum is a bit more of a fuller world and the performances and chemistry of the leading cast, including Zachary Knighton as Rick, Stephen Hill as TC, Amy Hill as Kumu and Tim Kang as Katsumoto help bring it to life, embracing the sense of fun, excitement and camaraderie that was so prevalent in the original and making it their own.

And while I’m not a big fan of the will they won’t they vibe between Thomas and Juliet, I do love how the series has done their own thing.

Gorgeous locations, fun stories, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the charm of this new iteration. Higgins has a new beau, Rick is paying for his crimes, Island Hoppers is trying to make money, and someone is trailing Thomas… And then there’s the backdrop, the gorgeous locations of Hawaii.

The visual backdrop leads to my one complaint, these episodes would look even more stunning on blu-ray and it seems like an easy win, so the DVD only release of the series baffles a bit.

Hawaii tourism could partner up with Paramount and could truly make a blu ray set something to behold.

That being said, the series continues ti entertain and I went from dubious interest to fan of the series, which speaks highly of all those involved in it. The collection is comprised of four discs, spreading the episodes out evenly and giving us a couple of enjoyable extras including a gag reel.

The series is gearing up for the launch of its fourth season, and I’m happy it’s going strong as there are so many new stories to tell as well as material to mine and reinterpret from the original.

Hernandez and Weeks make a great pairing and I love how they’ve made the roles their own while honouring what has gone before. The entire thing, which they both shoulder easily and make it look easy, is just so fun.

So it’s back to Hawaii with the release of Magnum P.I. Season Three on DVD from Paramount Pictures. And hey, anytime you want to fly me down for a set visit, I’m ready to talk! Magnum P.I. Season Three is available today!

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