TIFF 2021: The Rescue dir. E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin

2018. Thailand. The world was watching.

Documentary filmmakers Vasarhelyi and Chin takes us back and put us in the caves that trapped twelve boys, who formed the Wild Boars football team, and their coach for almost three weeks.

Volunteers and aid came from the world over, descending on the country to help the Thai’s Navy Seals and government to find a way to extract the children from the cave system while dealing with increasingly bad air and rising floodwaters.

A group of cave divers, with a unique set of skills came up with an all or nothing Hail Mary plan and with never before seen footage from the dives and events around the cave, we explore the moment to moment tension and angst as time begins to slip away from the rescuers.

There is an immediacy to the film as the camera puts in those darkened caves, those smiling faces at being found and the inexorable wait for their rescue.

Filled with white knuckle moments and stunning revelations, even if you think you know what happened, you don’t know it all, and The Rescue puts it all front and centre. The plans, the worry, the parents, and of course those boys. All of it is here as Vasarhelyi and Chin guide is through like the expert cave divers that figure so prominently in this amazing true life story.

The Rescue has two more digital screenings at TIFF, Monday and Wednesday.

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