TIFF 2021: Hellbound dir. Yeon Sang-ho

Director Yeon Sang-ho, who staked his claim in international pop culture with his fantastic zombie film, Train to Busan, not to mention it’s animated prequel, and follow-up sequel, helms Hellbound, already picked up by Netflix, a supernatural procedural series based on his online digital cartoon, The Hell.

Screening at TIFF the first three episodes are bundled together as a whole, and I was hooked as Yeon Sang-ho delivers another fascinating tale that bundles human characters and paranormal events.

The concepts of justice, the wages of sin, pervasive social media, cultural anxiety and the unknown all combine with a cult known as The New Truth, a splintergroup known as Arrowhead, lawyers, reporters, and investators in this fascinating watch, as strange things begin to happen in Korea.

Following what may be angelic decrees of a coming death, citizens are terrified when three towering beings arrive after to deliver punishment and send sinners to Hell. A cop, Jin Kyung-hoon (Yang Ik-june) finds himself investigating the deaths are they murders? Executions? and tries to fathom what is going on, while a new religious leader, Jung Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in) proclaims to have the answers.

Worrisome, spiritually frightening, and tightly paced, Yeon Sang-ho delivers once again, telling a captivating paranormal tale by grounding it in the emotions and actions of very real people.

The seriesis six episodes long, but the first three can easily stand on their own, and make for a fantastic first viewing. Now the wait begins for the conclusion when they hit Netflix later this year.

Hellbound screens in-preson on Tuesday, and digitally Thursday! Check it out!

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