Millennium (1999) – Collateral Damage, and The Sound of Snow

MIchael R.Perry pens the first episode up this week, Collateral Damage, which first aired on 22 January, 1999. It features two familiar looking guest stars James Marsters, and Brendan Fehr.

The story works to tie in the mythology of the Millennium Group by having the FBI called in to investigate the disappearance of a young university freshman, Taylor Watts (Jacinda Barrett)… Peter Watts’ (Terry O’Quinn) daughter. She’s been taken by a Gulf War veteran, Eric Swan (Marsters) who wants Watts to come clean about the things the Group has done.

Frank (Lance Henriksen), whose grey is coming in nicely, is reticent to be involved, considering his history with the Group, but he and Hollis (Klea Scott) begin to puzzle the case out, as Frank profiles what is going on. I love seeing Frank back at the FBI, and I totally dig profiling.

I also enjoy the new dynamic between Frank and Peter, they are very much on opposite sides now, but he still works on the case, not wanting the sins of the father to be revisited on the daughter. He also feels that the Group may be doctoring the crime scenes to make sure the Group remains anonymous and keep its secrets.

Peter, comes to Frank as a father, and begins to reveal to him what he knows is going on, and why Swan is doing what he’s doing. Meanwhile, Swan reveals to Taylor why he is abducted her, and reveals how far he’s willing to go to get the truth from her father.

This is a really strong episode, and shows how the series has attempted to reconcile the Millennium Group arc with the way the series has progressed. But will Taylor or the Group survive Eric’s efforts?

The Sound of Snow was written by Patrick Harbinson, and debuted on 5 February, 1999. Like the preceding episode, it deals with issues from the previous season, specifically, the death of Catherine (Megan Gallagher).

It all ties into audio tapes that are being sent out to select people, upon listening to these cassettes, which are nothing but white noise, people have been dying, after having been subjected to aural and visual hallucinations brought out of their past.

Frank has received some s evidence through the Bureau’s internal mail, but someone has sent him some to the old yellow house, he and his family use to live in. All of it connects to a sound engineer, Alice (Jessica Tuck) who seems to have a unusual gift, one that the Frank knows the Millennium Group will either use, or destroy.

But Frank’s own tape may drive him to claim his own life, as he returns to the cabin in the woods that he, Catherine and Jordan (Brittany Tiplady) holed up while the Millennium Group released virus spread through Seattle (apparently only claiming 80 lives, not quite the apocalypse that the season two finale purported).

The episode, however, does allow for some closure for Frank regarding Catherine’s death, and now beginning to move forward, sadly, towards the close of the series.


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