Millennium (1998/1999) – Omerta, and Borrowed Time

The series gives us a bit of an odd Christmas episode with Omerta. Written by Michael R. Perry, this episode first debuted on 18 December, 1998.

Frank (Lance Henriksen) and Jordan (Brittany Tiplady) decide to get away from the holiday hassle, and the memories of Catherine (Megan Gallagher). They end up in Vermont, and Frank apparently arrives just in time… when a mob hitman, Eddie (Jon Polito), thought dead shows up and cops to all of his crimes.

As Frank investigates, he finds a strange, pair of healers, Rose (Michelle Beauchamp) and Lhasa (Keegan Connor Tracy) living in the woods. They literally have a healing touch. Frank is fascinated, and Hollis (Klea Scott) helps out with the investigation.

But when the mob learns that Eddie is still alive, they come after him, and the girls may be in the way.

It’s a very whimsical episode as every encounter anyone has with Rose and Lhasa has an effect on them, healing them, changing them, making them for the better.

The episode also gives Jordan some closure on the loss of her mother, and that part of it is done pretty well. The rest of the story is delightfully eccentric, only if you buy into the story. And, as it’s a holiday episode, it’s not quite so dark as some of the other stories that populate the series.

Borrowed Time was written by Chip Johannessen, who served as the showrunner for season three, and it first aired on 15 January, 1999.

Frank is drawn into a strange mystery when Jordan falls ill, and he begins to believe there is a connection between what’s happening to her, and strange brushes with death that suggest a supernatural stalker, Samiel (Eric Mabius) is out there.

As some die, and some are spared, Frank sees a connection between the deaths, and others’ brushes with it, in a person seen at the scene, Samiel. When Jordan falls dangerously, deathly ill, Frank is unstoppable in his pursuit of Samiel, even if Hollis doesn’t necessarily believe it.

But even after a confrontation with Samiel, it may not be enough to save Jordan. He may be there to claim her life, so that three other’s can be spared. Three people are going to die from drowning so that three can survive it, unless something happens, Jordan will be one of them.

The episode ties off the last bits of closure from the loss of Catherine for both Jordan and Frank, and puts us halfway through the final season.

Watch for a brief appearance by actor-director Amanda Tapping as one of Jordan’s doctors.

There’s more Millennium next week, as the time is near…

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