Millennium (1998) – Anamnesis, and A Room With No View

Catherine (Megan Gallagher) and Lara (Kristen Cloke) fund themselves working on the same case in this episode written by Erin Maher and Kay Reindl. It first debuted on 17 April, 1998. Catherine is called in to help a young teen girl who claims to have had a holy vision, and claims to be the prophet of Mary Magdalene.

Lara believes right away, because of her own visions, but us worried about what the Millennium Group may have planned, considering the theological beliefs of the roosters in the group.

It’s an interesting story, and opens up a wider discussion of Magdalene’s presentation in the bible versus the other texts that were excised from the bible that would have painted her in a stronger position in the church (something that was surely an affront to the men who made up the ruling class of the church).

And a modern take on that using high school as a backdrop plays out violently, and in the end, sadly.

I quite like this episode, though Lance Henriksen’s Frank Black is nowhere to be seen, the only episode of the series he’s not in (and used the week off to go to Hawaii). It’s interesting to see the way Catherine and Lara approach the same case, and how their beliefs and training and personalities affect them as they investigate it.

It also plays into the bigger themes of the series that there is a divine hand at work in the world, but are we helping or hindering it?

A Room With No View sees Frank in pursuit of someone, something (?), that is abducting teenagers in this episode written by Ken Horton that was first broadcast on 24 April, 1998.

All of these students share one common trait, they show real promise. Valedictorians, most likely to succeed, all of them could achieve something incredibly, and something is taking them, keeping them locked up in cells that play Love Is Blue by Paul Mauriat over and over again.

The victims are being held by Frank’s old nemesis, Lucy Butler (Sarah Jane Redmond) though she appears to be able to shift appearances between male and female, and on occasion take on a demonic visage. She is holding these people, trying to break their spirit, keep them locked away, and denying them their existence, an existence that could change things for the better.

As Frank attempts to locate the abducted victims, he comes across a decades long history of missing children, that all share that same trait, and a single guidance counselor.

There are a couple of troubling reveals towards the end of the episode, including one for Lucy, as well as the fact that she’s had access to the Millennium Group’s files for the past six months

How will things play out from here?

Something is coming (the season two finale) but what will it mean for Frank?

This is who we are.

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