Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) – 4K Review

There’s something about kaiju and apex predators that fires up the imagination, and the movie magic that helps create them, if done right, can transport the viewer. The idea that there are beings, titans by another name, out there that have dominance over the planet, that could wipe us out with barely a thought is humbling, and I think that has been the draw since Gojira first graced the screens in 1954, and Kong, even further back in 1933.

Sure there are other themes that both films were carrying and things they were commenting on, but over the decades, the pair (along with all of Gojira/Godzilla’s rogues’ gallery) have evolved into larger than life monster icons that people just love.

Warner Brothers knew this, and over the course of four films now they have created a Monsterverse that should automatically come with a bag of popcorn (kaiju sized of course). What began with Godzilla, continued with Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters culminates with Godzilla vs. Kong, and Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has the perfect way to enjoy it… in a beautifully rendered 4K.

With an absolutely jaw-dropping picture (the sequences of the two fighting in Japan are just stunning, though I also wondered where the monsters learned some of the moves they pulled), and an aural experience to match, Adam Wingard delivers a perfect cinema confection. It’s definitely a no-brainer, and while there’s a fairly interesting plot, viewers want to see what happens when two of the, arguably, most iconic monster creations clash.

Taking a page from Jules Verne, the story gives us a hollow earth story, which posits that may be where Kong comes from. What they discover there raises some questions about civilisations, and tool crafting, but don’t let that trip you up. I mean if you swallow the hollow earth part of the story, and giant monsters, you’re going to get hung up on the possibility of a long dead civilisation that lived at the center of the planet?

So Illene (Rebecca Hall), Jia (Kaylee Hottle), and hollow earth theorist, Lind (Alexander Skarsgard) pair up and with a company’s funding (who have their own agenda) seek out Kong’s home. But Kong’s movements draw Godzilla’s attention. The giant creature, already enraged at humanity, specifically the same company that is financing Kong’s trip home, because of something they are creating.

Without giving too much away, this thing, which pays homage to other Godzilla films, will necessitate a climax where the two monsters have to form an uneasy truce and work together.

Millie Bobbie Brown, and Kyle Chandler make return appearances joined by Julian Dennison, Lance Reddick, Shun Oguri, Elza Gonzalez, and Brian Tyree Henry and there is always something happening on-screen to hold your attention. It’s big, loud, and gorgeously 4k!

The 4k disc comes loaded with a commentary by director Adam Wingard (loved You’re Next), while the package’s accompanying blu-ray comes loaded with a slew of extras with looks at the fights, the phenomenon that still continues around Godzilla, as well as one about Kong, as well as the hollow earth.

Sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy a good old fashioned monster mash with modern special effects. Godzilla vs. Kong delivers, and ends up being a helluva ride and so much fun! It’s an action-packed extravaganza with great special effects, which are rendered in sharp detail thanks to Warner Brother’s 4K release.

Godzilla vs. Kong is available today for those lovers, like me, of physical media!

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