Millennium (1998) – Owls, and Roosters

Glen Morgan and James Wong pen a two-parter, that begins with Owls, that first aired on 6 March, 1998. Lance Henriksen’s Frank Black is pulled deeper into the mythology arc of the series that moves the Millennium Group further from a criminal investigation organisation to something deeper, and mysterious.

It seems there are divisions growing withing the group, the Roosters, who are theological in their beliefs, that there is a divine disastrous event coming, soon, and the secularists, or Owls, who believe that there is a material disastrous event coming in the decades ahead.

These things are precipitated by the possible discovery of a portion of the Cross of Christ, and another group working outside of Millennium working to create dissension amongst the Owls and Roosters, and claim the Cross for themselves. A group with a far more terrifying history.

Both Frank and Lara (Kristen Cloke) find themselves on the outs with Peter (Terry O’Quinn) and the group when Frank refuses to choose a side, and Lara has a meeting with a member of the Owls, while Peter is a devout Rooster.

Woven through all this is a story of Catherine Black (Megan Gallagher) being courted for a new job, and when Frank sees a piece of familiar art in one of his wife’s co-workers, he begins to wonder what’s really going on, and who’s involved.

But he may not get a chance, as the episode ends on a cliffhanger with Frank confronting two men outside of his house who identify themselves as part of the Millennium Group (this is who we are) before preparing to kill him!

Roosters picks up exactly where Owls left us, in this follow-up episode also written by Morgan and Wong, which aired 13 March, 1998.

Frank defends himself against his attackers, while the mysterious piece of wood that may or may not be part of the Cross undergoes carbon dating (or has someone already performed a swap on the pieces?). Frank learns that the company behind Catherine’s new job is known as Odessa, and has a very familiar lightning bolt symbol – their Nazis, intent on claiming the Cross for themselves, seducing Frank into working for them, seizing power, and tearing the Millennium Group apart.

Lara, Frank, and the Old Man (R.G. Armstrong) gather, seemingly the only members of the Millennium Group that haven’t been caught up in the power struggles that are ransacking the group, but that won’t keep them safe.

Faith and belief are tried, the piece of the Cross is hidden, safely, while the one that is tested proved to be fake, and while Frank and Lara continue the work of the Group, they aren’t necessarily members anymore. In fact, Lara was offered a chance to join the Owls who promised they would take away her gift from her before it drives her insane…

What does that mean for the character going forward? And what problems with Odessa continue to cause, and will the factions of the Millennium Group be able to work together for common purpose?

This is who we are.


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