Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) – 4K Review

Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins bring their version of DC’s Wonder Woman back to the screen, and now 4K disc this week with Warner Brothers’ home video release of Wonder Woman 1984. Gadot reprises her role as the titular Amazon hero in this follow-up to the 2017 blockbuster that proved DC comic movies could be fun, and that a strong female superhero is more than welcome on the screen.

The film is set in 1984 (but there’s a huge missed opportunity here, as they don’t use a lot of music from the period) and is a bit of a comic book take on the classic story of The Monkey’s Paw. And that’s where the film sort of stumbles, because when you start playing with a tale that centres around wishes. That’s a rough line to walk, and the film stumbles through it now and then, but the combination of Jenkins and Gadot makes for a good mix, and provides an emotional throughline for the character and the film.

But it’s not going to be for everyone. There is a subtle tonal shift in the film, which is not going to appeal to all viewers as the story, and the performance supporting it become a little more, arch. For comparison, Wonder Woman is Superman The Movie, and WW84 is Richard Lester’s version of Superman II. There’s more humour, the characters aren’t quite over the top, but close, and if you don’t buy into the characters, and the scenarios then this one isn’t for you.

The film brings in two classic WW villains, Cheetah/Barbara Minerva brought to life by Kristen Wiig and Max Lord portrayed by Pedro Pascal as well as returning Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor as Diana/Wonder Woman’s love interest, oh and that ever so perfect mid-credits cameo.

The film pops beautifully off the film with this 4k transfer, and looks absolutely stunning, and delighted me with the clarity of the image, and the depth of the colours.

The extras found on the included blu-ray are a documentary about the making of the film, a glimpse at the way Jenkins, Gadot and Wiig worked together for the characters and the story, and the way they work on set, a look at the Amazon games that open the film and Lilly Aspell who plays the young Diana in the sequence, there are looks at two action sequences, Gal and Krissy goofing off, a look at the Amazons from the opening scenes, Lord’s infomercial, a fun little gag reel, and really fun re-working of the opening titles of the classic television show.

This instalment in the DC film series may not delight those who have embraced the darker Snyder films, and if the viewer is unable to embrace the tone and style of the film, it’ll miss the target, but for fans of the character, and her multi-storied history will no doubt enjoy this new addition to the canon, and there’s no better way to do it than with the 4k disc released from Warner Brothers today!

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