Millennium (1997) – Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions, and Broken World

Ted Mann and Howard Rosenthal expand Frank Black’s (Lance Henriksen) in this episode of Millennium that first aired on 25 April, 1997.

Still reeling from the murder of his friend, police detective Bletcher (Bill Smitrovich), Frank is unsure of his gift and may not be ready to return to work with the Millennium Group, despite Peter Watts’ (Terry O’Quinn) need for him on a strange case that is heavily ritualised and may hint at something more going on in the world than our characters are aware.

This includes, for Frank, a troubling encounter with a lawyer, Alistair Pepper (Richard Cox) whom Frank is sure he’s dealt with before, and is revealed in a troubling sequence in a grocery store to be more than who we thought.

Pepper even offers up a suspect for Bletcher’s murder, and seems intent on recruiting Frank for his firm. Even approaching him at home.

It’s a great episode, expanding the mythology of the series, apparently revealing that demons and, perhaps, angels exist in this world (and by extension that of The X-Files), and Frank and the Group are involved in something bigger than they thought.

The grocery store sequence doesn’t give us any demonic appearances but we get another glimpse of Sarah Jane Redmond’s Lucy Butler – the form of Alistair Frank encountered before.

And as the episode comes to a close we are left to wonder what these revelations mean for Frank going forward, as well as the true nature of Pepper and the person who appears to kill him, Sammael (Rodney Eastman).

Broken World was penned by Bobby Moresco and Patrick Harbinson. It first aired on 2 May, 1997. When an assault on a woman leads Frank and Peter to discover a series of horse killings, Frank is worried that they are witnessing the birth of a serial killer with a psychosexual edge.

The killer is perfecting his game with the mares he’s killing, taking a sexual pleasure from it, but an encounter which leads to the assault expands the killer’s view, and Frank believes it’s only a matter of time before a human victim is claimed.

The two begin interacting, even as the killer, Willi Borgsen (Van Quattro) continues to up his game, and his assaults and acts of violence.

Frank and Peter race to find a way to contain and stop Willi before he can claim any more lives, but will they be enough?

This is a well thought out episode, one that shows how a killer grows into his role, his signatures, his motives, and his rituals, which all become part of his m.o. It’s also unnerving as it explores those same things.

There’a s few welcome guest stars in this story, Jo Anderson, and Donnelly Rhodes, both of whom are always great to see pop up, but they can’t keep the darkness at bay, as Frank and I head deeper into it next week, as we come to the conclusion of season one of Millennium.

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