What To Watch When (2020) – Christian Blauvelt, Laura Buller, Andrew Frisicano, Stacey Grant, Mark Morris, Eddie Robson, Maggie Serota, Drew Toal, Matthew Turner, and Laurie Ulster

The latest book from DK Canada has already found pride of place in my collection. Right next to my television. In a compendium that should prove as essential to the digital age, as TV Guide was to the cable era, What to Watch When should meet the requirements of helping you work on your bingeing needs.

In fact the only down side to the book will be trying to track down some of the shows it recommends, there are only so many streaming services, so many boxed sets, and only so much disposable income one can sink into television watching, but just as many can be tracked down and bring countless hours of entertainment, depending on how many seasons there are.

Filled with new and old favourites, as well as those about to be discovered, the book is divided into sections so you can find potential entertainment no matter what mood strikes you.

I’m not kidding, that, brilliantly, is how the book is divvied up. There are ten chapters, each one specifically created to encapsulate shows that will do what the title heading suggests. Consequently, you may not find shows organised by genre, but you will find programs categorised by pulse-pounding, family friendly, feel good times, a laugh, or scared witless.

From modern classics like Schitt’s Creek, The Haunting of Hill House, and Watchmen to enduring hits like The Prisoner (coming soon on the blog), M*A*S*H* (also coming soon), and The Wire there is something for everyone. Like I said, you may not be able to track all of them down, but those you can, you will no doubt enjoy.

There are 1,000 television shows listed in this book, there’s bound to be something you’ll like. In fact, there are tons that I’m eager to revisit, and even as I finish The West Wing (pg. 77) and The Americans (pg. 144), this book will be sitting very close on the end table to offer suggestions of what to watch next.

Filled with insights, and recommendations, the book avoids all spoilers, even for older programmes and just tells you what you can expect in terms of writing, cast, production values, and more.

This is going to be a very handy book for television viewers, aiding them in their next binge watch, and by the time I’m done with it (if ever) it’s going to be very well-thumbed, possibly filled with check marks, and other notes (though I hate defacing books, so maybe I’ll need a checklist or notebook nearby instead) I know I will have watched some great television.

DK Books continues to deliver great material on pop culture, and this one will be a stalwart for any binge-watcher’s library.

What to Watch When is available now!


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