Chuck (2010) – Versus the Cubic Z, and Versus the Coup d’Etat

Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) face some fears about their future, while fighting villains from their past, all while Morgan (Joshua Gomez) faces his first real challenge as a manager with a hot game release, and no product.

Chuck Versus the Cubic Z was written by Nicholas Wootton and first aired on 4 October, 2010. When a pair of prisoners get relocated to the CIA holding cells under the BuyMore, a mission of a lifetime gets scrubbed for Sarah and Chuck as they are assigned babysitting duty.

Problems arise though when the prisoners are revealed to be Hugo Panzer (Steve Austin) and Heather Chandler (Nicole Ritchie) – both of whom we’ve encountered in the past. It also seems they’ve got a connection with the yet unseen Volkoff and Chuck’s mom, code named Frost (Linda Hamilton).

While Heather starts needling Sarah about the state and future of her relationship with Chuck, Panzer busts out, and Chuck and Casey (Adam Baldwin) need to stop him before he gets out of the BuyMore.

Upstairs, Morgan is dealing with a shortage of product on a major game release, and the arrival of Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) who wants to ask Morgan’s mom to marry him, and comes seeking Morgan’s permission.

The episode ends with the ring Big Mike had purchased in a stunned Chuck’s hand in front of an equally stunned Sarah.

Great episode, giving us a callback to previous adventures, while examining the continuing and growing relationship of Sarah and Chuck. It also moves the mythology of the series forward by tying previously introduced characters into the new season arc.

Chuck Versus the Coup d’Etat starts Chuck and Sarah having some difficult conversations after the ring incident that ended the previous episode. Written by Kristin Newman, it first aired on 11 October, 2010.

When the leader of Costa Gravas, Alejandro Goya (Armand Assante) returns, he invites Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), Awesome (Ryan McPartlin), Chuck and Sarah for a getaway to his South American country. But things go wrong when his wife, Hortensia (Tia Texada), stages a coup, and it is revealed that the country, now possibly rogue, has nuclear capabilities.

Sarah and Chuck work on communicating, and deal with the concept that there will always be another mission, but as the story progresses, the pair end up resolving the situation, by communicating.

Morgan, attempts to lend a hand in the relationship arc, while also deciding whether or not to pursue one with Casey’s daughter, Alex (MeKenna Melvin).

In fact relationships are everywhere in this episode, Sarah-Chuck, Ellie-Awesome, Morgan-Alex, and the Goyas. All of them are at different points in their relationship, but all of them come to realise that honest communication is the key.

It’s a lot of fun. And has a bit of a tie-in with the season arc…

More spycraft next week, with more Chuck!

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