The X-Files (1994) – Lazarus, and Young at Heart

Trouble finds its way into Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) life again this week in Lazarus. Written by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, it first aired on 4 February, 1994.

Scully is working a bank robbery job with another agent, and former boyfriend, Agent Jack Willis (Christopher Allport). When the arrest goes wrong and both the suspect and Willis die on the table, one of them comes back in Willis’ body, but it may not be the right one.

Mulder (David Duchovny) is quick to prove circumstantial evidence to show that Willis died, and it was Dupre’s (Jason Schombing) soul that came back. We know Mulder is right, as we watch Willis/Dupre go back to his old ways, seeking out his wife, Lula (Cec Verrell) and planning more crimes.

The episode features a couple of familiar faces including Jay Brazeau, Callum Keith Rennie and the Beachcombers’ Jackson Davies.

In terms of character continuity we learn that Scully’s birthday is 23 February, and it’s also the first time Scully gets abducted.

And during that abduction, Scully tries her best to reach Willis, to try and reach her friend and ex-lover, and as long as Dupre has Willis’ face, she refuses to believe that he isn’t who she thinks he is, even when the circumstantial evidence points to something more, including an appearance of a tattoo, and the fact that Dupre doesn’t know Willis is diabetic.

This one is ok, it’s not one of my favourites, but I love that the series is happily delving into all manner of paranormal happenings.

Series creator Chris Carter penned Young at Heart with Scott Kaufer. It first aired on 11 February, 1994.

Mulder is summoned back to the Violent Crimes unit by his first partner when he was fresh from the Academy, Reggie Purdue (Dick Anthony Williams) because of evidence in a case he’s currently working on.

All signs point to a criminal who has his sights set on Mulder. Only problem is, by all reports, this man died in prison years ago. As Mulder and Scully begin to investigate, not only does the evidence suggest that it is in fact John Barnett (played by Alan Boyce and David Petersen) it also suggests that he’s grown younger.

It seems he is the last and only surviving member of an experiment conducted illegally by Dr. Joe Ridley (Robin Mossley) into reversing the ageing effect on humanity by delving into the disease of progeria.

As the pair investigate, Mulder learns that despite Barnett’s murderous spree there are factions within the government wiling to deal with him because of the evidence and science his body contains.

There’s an appearance by William B. Davis, his second following the Pilot, and though he’s credited as CIA Agent, it’s easy to interpret his appearance attempting to learn Ridley and Barnett’s secrets as the Cigarette Smoking Man. This is bolstered by an appearance of Jerry Hardin’s Deep Throat.

Mulder and Scully are finally able to draw Barnett out, and a first for the series, Mulder kills someone, and the Ridley/Barnett secrets are lost forever…

More casework next week when I delve deeper into The X-Files, because the truth is out there.

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