Star Trek: Enterprise (2005) – Observer Effect, and Babel One

Captain’s log: date unknown

Judith and Garfield Reeve-Stevens pen this episode, which first aired on 21 January, 2005. It brought back a familiar alien species to to Trek universe. Hoshi (Linda Park) and Trip (Connor Trinneer) return from a mission, infected with a dangerous virus. Meanwhile the rest of the crew serve as hosts for a pair of noncoporeal aliens, Organians in fact, as to learn and study how the crew reacts to the threat.

A bottle show, using existing sets and no guest stars the episode has some great character beats for Trip and Hoshi. They struggle with their infection even while Archer (Scott Bakula), Phlox (John Billingsley) and T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) work to find a cure.

The Organians spread to other crew to increase their observation to understand how the crew comes to their decisions.

When Phlox sees Trip and Hoshi awake after being sedated he realizes that they are being observed – and since the Organians can take over anyone Phlox may not have any help or they may be able to make a plea for assistance.

The Organians become divided on whether or not they should help but that may be caused by those they inhabit.

Phlox discovers a possible cure, it will it be in time? Or will more people be infected? The Organians are stunned as the crew continue to fight against the virus, even after they learn it’s ‘hopeless’ to do so.

This is a real Trek story, showing what humanity is capable of and going on because of hope.

Captain’s log: 12 November, 2154

Mike Sussman and Andre Bormanis pen this episode that first debuted on 28 January, 2005.

This episode launches a three episode arc as the Enterprise ferries a Tellarite ambassador to peace talks with the Andorrans. But things get complicated when they intercept a SOS from Shran (Jeffrey Combs) on the way.

Shran claims they were attacked by a Tellarite ship, but there is something more going on. Somebody is intent on stopping the peace conference.

Archer is able to rescue Shran and one of his officers, Talas (Molly Brink) and some of the crew.  When Enterprise alters course for Andor, she is attacked by an Andorian vessel. Surviving the assault, scans taken by Shran’s ship, and those of the Enterprise suggest that the attacker, despite appearances is the same.

And surprise, surprise, its the Romulans (featuring an appearance by Brian Thompson) who are using a souped up ship, and a strange being plugged into its operating systems. What they don’t realise is Reed (Dominic Keating) and Trip have beamed aboard.

The episode comes to its cliffhanger ending with the reveal that the ship is being remotely controlled from Romulus and that Archer can prove to Shran and the Tellarite ambassador that someone is intent on keeping the peace conference from happening.

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