Star Trek: Enterprise (2001/2002) – Cold Front, and Silent Enemy

Captain’s log: 12 September, 2151

Robert Duncan McNeill directs this episode which sees another piece in the temporal war puzzle play out. Written by Stephen Beck and Tim Finch, this episode first debuted on 28 November, 2001.

The Enterprise is serving as host to a delegation observing a comet, when Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) is approached by one of his crew, Daniels (Matt Winston). It seems, he is from nine hundred years in the future and is there to capture a Suliban who has infiltrated the Enterprise with a dangerous mission.

Archer gets to play the diplomat and the action hero in the episode, and we get some tantalising hints of what could be coming in episodes ahead. And while not as heavily serialised as Deep Space Nine, there is definitely the establishing of season, and series arcs and Silik the Suliban (John Fleck) is proving to be quite the threat. It’s also frightening that we don’t always know what the Suliban’s motives are, only that they are seeking to change things in the timeline.

In a curious muck-up in continuity this episode was produced and aired before the next episode, which, according to the date, occurs just over a week earlier. We also learn that movie night is a regular occurrence for the crew and that T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) in accordance with the Vulcan Science Directorate doesn’t subscribe to the possibility of time travel… oh how wrong they were.

I quite like this episode, and as we’ve seen so far, for the most part, Enterprise has been able to avoid some of the shakier stories that seem to affect first seasons of Trek series.


Captain’s log: 2 September, 2151

Andre Bormanis pens this episode which first aired on 16 January, 2002. The Enterprise comes under attack by an unknown alien species, and the effect is devastating on the ship and the crew. Archer orders a return to the Sol system so that they can be outfitted with new, experimental phase cannons.

The attack, when it comes is rather spooky, and there is a bit of a scuffle in the ship’s corridors. They just keep showing up, and everything they do seems to be enough to completely cripple the Enterprise. Are they ready to be out here?

Meanwhile, Hoshi (Linda Park) has discovered that Reed’s (Dominic Keating) birthday is imminent, so she tries to learn more about him, including some of his favourite foods so that a proper birthday can be prepared.

The aliens we encounter, we’ve yet to come across again, and they are very odd looking, and a little frightening in just how alien they appear to be (and very computer generated). Continuity brings the reveal that Trip (Connor Trinneer) is now single, because long-distance relationships don’t always work, and we find that Reed is a very private person even in regard to his interactions with his parents.

Eventually the crew get the phase cannons installed without having to go to Jupiter, and they’ll be ready for anything that comes their way.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday as I explore more of Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series on blu-ray, available now from Paramount Canada.

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