Moonlighting (1988) – Eek! A Spouse!, and Maddie Hayes Got Married

So Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) is married, and David (Bruce Willis) despite blowing up last week, seems to be handling the news better than the rest of the office in Eek! A Spouse!

Written by Ron Osborn and Charles H. Eglee from a story by Roger Director, Kerry Ehrin, and Jeff Reno, this episode debuted on 9 February, 1988. And hey, it puts our leads onscreen together again.

And there’s an actual case!

Lauren Baxter (Cristine Rose) comes to the Blue Moon Detective Agency to ask for their help in approaching her husband, Anthony’s (Gerald Anthony) mistress about taking some money and leaving the marriage alone.

But then Lauren commits murder, all while Maddie’s marriage is causing problems at the office. It seems to be bothering Maddie that David isn’t as upset as she thinks he should be.

It has some banter though, which is kind of nice to have back again, although there is definitely a strain to it, which may be the actors, or it may be their characters… maybe it’s both.

Agnes (Allyce Beasley) and Maddie have a wonderful scene together that expresses the audiences’ feeling about the Maddie/David thing, and Maddie gets a chance to tell her side.

But David isn’t as happy as he pretends to be, but his reactions may also be the key to solving the case.

The requisite chase scene, now that they have cases again, sees some nice dialogue, a couple of meta-references, and almost tries to get the show back to where we loved it. And some of it succeeds wonderfully.

In fact, it almost gives us a glimpse of how enjoyable the series could be again if it handled the Maddie/David thing a little better.


Maddie Hayes Got Married aired 1 March, 1988 and was written by Eglee and Director.

The episode moves the character arcs forward as David meets Walter (Dennis Dugan) when he finally comes to the office, and consequently decides to throw them a wedding and a bachelor party.

However, things really escalate when Terri (Brooke Adams) goes into labour, during the wedding.

That being said, the bachelor party is pretty hilarious, and there are some truly well thought out moments between the couples, and Walter and David.

There are some fun moments in the episode, and it’s nice to see some of the issues resolved, but at this point they’ve been belabouring this particular plot point all season. It’s causing the show to feel a little stale, but there is still some pretty solid moments in it. And once the episode hits the hospital, things are truly on fire, and there’s a nice spark to it, but not what it used to be.

Next week we come to the close of season four of Moonlighting and prepare ourselves for the fifth and final season…



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