Moonlighting (1987) – A Trip to the Moon, and Come Back Little Shiksa

With the shark firmly behind them, Moonlighting Season Four got underway on 29 September, 1987 in A Trip to the Moon written by series creator Glenn Gordon Caron.

David (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) have been together for four weeks, and both of them seem to have different opinions on what and where the relationship is and going, even after he professes his love to her, Maddie isn’t sure what she wants.

She does know that she wants more than just sleeping together.

The fourth season has new opening credits which now include new pictures and Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong. I also love that the episode’s opening is a great homage to The Honeymooners, including costumes and sets.

The episode also features Charles Rocket returning as David’s brother, Richard, and also has appearances by Dr. Joyce Brothers and Ray Charles.

And despite the fact that the shark is now in the rear view window, Caron writing the episode at least keeps the series on track (as much as possible) and there is some fantastic dialogue between Maddie and David as they argue and banter over their status.

While it was a huge mistake to have the two characters sleep together, Caron at least makes their problems realistic and relatable.

And by episode’s end, Maddie has left town to figure things out, and David is alone in LA, in love, and unable to make the relationship work.


Come Back Little Shiksa was written by Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn, and debuted on 6 October, 1987.

While David is unaware that Maddie has left town, the Blue Moon Detective Agency is hired to find a woman that Donald Chase (John Goodman) wants them to find. He met her once, at a a charity ball, and all he has is an earring.

Kind of a Cinderella story, but is it? Or is there something darker going on?

In the meantime, Maddie has gone to see her parents (Eva Marie Saint and Robert Webber), and it’s nice to see them again, but you feel bad for David when he discovers that Maddie has left.

The dialogue continues to be sharp,and grounded in what sounds like the real angst and pain of a a couple who are trying to figure themselves out.

Thereisa fun sequence involving some claymation, which is an interesting choice, and very 80s, but is also done very well, and despite how wacky it is, there is an earnestness to the discussion, despite the fact that it is only David’s fantasy.

So how will it play out? Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

The relationship drama continues next week, as does the casework for the Blue Moon Detective Agency as the fourth season of Moonlighting continues.



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