Blinded By The Light (2019) – Blu-Ray Review

It’s hard to tell which songs will speak to you, which ones will define your existence, which will resonate, and inspire you. That’s the basis of Warner Brothers new film Blinded by the Light which comes home on blu-ray and DVD today.

This time, the music that touches a soul is that of Bruce Springsteen as we follow young Javed (Viveik Kalra) during his final year in high school as he gets ready to pursue his future, and attempt to be his own man, in spite of his father’s (Kulvinder Ghir) overbearing personality, and attempt to run his entire family by tradition.

Set in turbulent, conservative England in the late 80s, this true story is a rather gentle film, that doesn’t exude the exuberance of director Gurinder Chadha’s most popular film, Bend It Like Beckham, but still allows a glimpse into another time, and someone else’s life.

Javed is not only plagued by the overbearing nature of his father, but also the times, racism at the time is prevalent everywhere and the Pakistani family and others are treated horribly by countless people who should know better.

Looking for an identity of his own, something that is his, he finds a voice that reaches him, and speaks to the things he is dealing with, and that voice belongs to The Boss.


With Springsteen blaring in his ears, the young man sets out on  voyage of self-discovery, while becoming the person he was meant to be.

Packed with a fantastic soundtrack, obviously heavily favoring The Boss, the film is a wonderful little feel good film that conveys the passion of music and one’s need for it in one’s life, as it can provide solace, direction and hope.

There are a couple of deleted scenes tucked into the extras, as well as a look at the making of the film, and most enjoyably, a look at the true story behind the movie.

I was rather delighted with this film, it’s gentle, honest, and packed with great tunes, which by the way, will rock your sound system. In fact, I honestly didn’t know how many Springsteen tunes I knew, and my Spotify kicked into gear the moment the credits rolled.

This is the perfect little film for a wintery day, just curl up with a loved one, settle in and enjoy the story, the humor, the pathos, and the tunes.

The casting is perfect and they bring the story to life in just the right way, part nostalgia, part moving drama, part musical. And, for me, it worked delightfully.

Check out the Springsteen filled Blinded By The Light, available today from Warner Brothers on blu-ray and DVD.






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