Be More Leia & Be More Lando (2019) – Christian Blauvelt

Star Wars has long been an entertainment giant, but last year, under the ministrations of author Christian Blauvelt the much beloved series began to give life and work advice with the books Be More Vader and Be More Yoda from DK Canada, which by the way, made perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays (come one be honest, Xmas isn’t that far away).

Well, not to be outdone, the first pair of books are joined by a new pair, this time giving us advice from our favorite general (and princess), and one of the galaxy’s most charming rogues, Leia Organa and Lando Calrissian.

Both books take quotes from the Star Wars films, sometimes spoken by the titular character, sometimes by other characters saying something that feels apropos of either Leia or Lando.

While not necessarily serving as a guideline for living your life, they are definitely filled with some good life advice, from confronting bullies to appreciating the good times. The books show that Star Wars has come a long way from just being pop entertainment, there is a philosophy behind them, a grounded belief in oneself, and these books, like the two before them, hint at that, and suggest how to approach problems in your life.


And most of all, they are fun.

Just like Star Wars.

And Blauvelt gets that. There is a sense of fun permeating both books, even as they give advice. And that, that is what a friend would do. Fans have a friendship with Star Wars, some of us have had it for decades, Blauvelt gets that, and he incorporates that into his writing.

This is what Star Wars would tell us if we went to them for advice. This is what the characters would tell us.

Filled with pictures from the cinematic Star Wars universe that highlight moments, characters and most importantly dialogue, Blauvelt’s books are perfect little gifts, delightful little reads, and maybe, just maybe, can give you a little life direction.

They are available now from DK Books, so if you’ve started your holiday shopping or are a Star Wars completionist get your hands on them now. Learn something about yourself, get some good advice and remember, the Force will be with you…







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