Moonlighting (1985/1986) – Twas the Episode Before Christmas, and The Bride of Tupperman

David (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) get into the holiday spirit this week with Twas the Episode Before Christmas. Written by showrunner and creator Glenn Gordon Caron, the xmas-themed episode aired on 17 December 1985.

When a man in the witness protection program, Joseph (Ralph Meyering Jr.) is murdered by Leonard (Richard Belzer), his wife Mary (Leslie Wing) hides their baby in Agnes DiPesto’s  (Allyce Beasley) apartment.

The Blue Moon Detective Agency investigates, and bumps into three feds, all named King, looking for the missing family, among them is James Avery!

The episode gives the pair a chance to bicker about kids and Agnes gets to enjoy looking after the baby for awhile. But what happens when DiPesto and the baby go missing? But, I’m sure a star will guide them to where they are.

And all of it leads to a final confrontation between David, Maddie Agnes and the baddies.

Of course, everyone gets a holiday ending, in a fun and entertaining Moonlighting way (with David realizing they are in an allegory).

It’s a fun kind of episode, and of course, some of the dialogue is very meta, as David refers to the fact that they need to wrap up the case in twelve minutes as another show is about to start.

Definitely a fun kind of episode for the time of the season and seeing as it’s written by the show’s creator it’s very much in keeping with the feel of the show overall, all wrapped up with a nice little bow.


The Bride of Tupperman was written by Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn, and first aired on 14 January, 1986.

Alan Tupperman (Guy Boyd) comes into the Blue Moon Detective Agency with an unusual request, he wants to get married, and he wants David and Maddie to find him the perfect woman. And of course, the pair have a difference of opinions on who that should be.

And surprise, there is something else going on… and it may just be murder.

There is a fun sequence as both David and Maddie go looking for what they believe is the woman Tupperman is looking for, both of them have some laugh out loud moments. And through it all, Ms. DiPesto is getting crank phonecalls that are just funny as she defuses them.

This one ends up being a fairly light-hearted romp that has a bit of a dark side, but Maddie and David keep it fun and engaging throughout, especially the finale which starts with David questioning Tupperman who is laid up in the hospital.

The cases and the meta references continue next week with more Moonlighting. It’s a fun and entertaining ride and this is my Bruce Willis… you know, with hair. And funny (though Die Hard is one of my fave films). See you next time.




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